Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rimma's Ready!

Hold on to your heart! This morning was our bi-weekly call to Zina. She's doing well, studying hard, misses us - you know, the usual stuff. But then she said, "Hold on. Rimma wants to talk to you." Guess what?!? Rimma changed her mind! She wants to be our daughter!! She said that she is sure, and she is really excited about it. Wow! We were shocked and elated! I can't tell you how much I've been hoping and praying that she would want to be adopted. Rimma is such a gem - she's fun, spunky, girly. Wow. I'm still in shock.

A big thanks to Ellie for translating for us this morning on short notice. Lilya has a new job and has to work Saturdays, so we're looking for people to help us translate our telephone calls to the girls. We've been looking into our options to learn Russian - now it's becoming a big priority.

Wow. Did I mention I'm in shock? The girls are sisters once again!

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Anonymous said...

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