Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello from Kherson

We talked with our girls this morning. They said that they had been waiting for us to call and they were their usual "bubbly" selves. We chit-chatted about Karen's visit, asked them if the jeans fit, if they got the stamps and envelops we sent, and if they needed anything. Zina, as usual, needs nothing. Rimma said she is growing up and as a result her clothes are getting small; she asked for some tops and pants. Zina said her jeans fit perfectly and Rimma said hers are a bit too big in the waist, but she knew she would grow into them. Rimma liked the sparkles on the jeans. Both girls were extremely grateful.

I got to use some of my new Russian words with them and they thought that I was good with what I knew. Zina wanted to try some English and it was great. They are really trying hard, we can tell. Rimma shocked us with a perfect sounding "Thank You" after we complimented her about something. I say shocking because I was expecting all Russian and she just popped it out.

We ended the call by asking them what each wanted to grow up to be. Zina wants to be a fashion clothing designer and Rimma wants to be an actress. Please God let us bring our girls home one day so that they may realize their dreams and glorify your works.

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aimee said...

I read your blog everyday. And pray for God's grace to be with you.

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