Friday, March 21, 2008

Phone Call Frenzy

Since Sunday (coincidentally when the girls received their new cell phone), I've received three or four "Unavailable ID" hang-up phone calls on my cell phone. "Could it be Zina?", I wondered each time. Well this morning, following one of these calls, I received a second call with the caller ID registering a Ukraine number...and it was Zina! She said, "Hello, this is Zina!" And then we were disconnected.

What a treat to hear her voice this morning - if only for a second!

Oksana confirmed for us via email that the girls are receiving our text messages, but I haven't received the messages they are sending us. More homework for me!!!


Leslie said...

Hey, Heidi & Felix! Reading this post made me think of Kelly who has a boy in Ukraine she's been keeping in touch with by cell phone. You should check with her and see how they've worked out the kinks:


Heidi & Felix said...

Thanks Leslie, will do!

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