Monday, April 7, 2008

New, Old Friends

We met Garth & Debbie when we went to Colorado Springs this weekend. I had Air National Guard drill for three days, but was able to get out of it for Saturday's Dave Ramsey program and dinner with the Hoffman's. God's children all know each other, even though they never have met before and that was they way it was with Garth & Debbie. We just picked up like we have been lifelong friends. What a wonderful couple. We laughed, ate, and prayed together for three hours before having to leave for home. I had a 7 am show time for Sunday's drill, but it was worth the loss of a few hours of sleep to be blessed with the conversation of "Old Friends".


Debbie said...

Garth and I agree that it was as if we had known each other for years. It's wonderful how God joins his children in a bond of fellowship.

I will send you the photo when Garth has had a chance to make it the right size for a blog. I want to post it on our blog, too. There's a cute one of the two of you, also. :-)

Ashley said...

I am so glad ya'll were able to meet! :o) What a great time of fellowship with friends.

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