Friday, April 18, 2008

Day Seven - Ukraine Trip

Day Seven now. We traveled four hours by bus and an hour by taxi to see Rimma. She has been sent from her orphanage to a sanatorium for a positive result on her TB test. We were given the address by R & Z's internat staff. We don't know what to expect or how long we will visit. We picture her being confined to bed and only seeing her for a few minutes. Much to our happy surprise, an older man asks us who we are there to see and calls for her. She comes running out and we spend the next few hours together. She hugs us both and we show her photos of her visit in December and recent photos wit Zina. She tells us of a friend from her internat that is with her and asks if we want to meet him. His name is Sasha and he spends the next few hours with us too. After a couple of hours a crowd gathers (children there in the sanatorium) and this embarrasses Rimma. She becomes quiet and shy and we just let her go with the flow of things. Later, the kids all go to eat and Rimma hurries back with Sasha and we are alone again. Rimma is quiet and reserved for the rest of the visit. I take this time to explain to her the findings of her registration. I assure her that we will come for her and that we are happy that she chose to be adopted by us. She asks a few questions, mostly about her adoption with Zina and who will be adopting in addition. Zina has told her about the possibility of other children. We explain the situation and she is good with it. I tell her that I was glad that she herself made the decision to be adopted by us and was not pressured into it. We explained that she has the power to make her own decisions and choices and that it was not to be taken lightly. We told her that we are happy to be her parents. She is not yet calling us Mom and Dad, so we will give her space and time. Besides, she follows Zina's example and is separated from her until Next week. She will get to return earlier that expected. She told us she will go back to the internat on April 30th. We say our goodbyes and get into the taxi. It is another 1 hour ride back to the bus station and 4 hours by bus to Kherson. We are happy to have made the trip and made a little girl happy. She thanked us for the clothes, gifts, and photo album. God, take care of our little Rimma!


Anonymous said...

The photos are fantastic! I am so happy for all of you! Glad the trip is going well, and looking forward to hearing more when you can.

Take care and stay safe!

Lynn Cranston

Leslie said...

LOVE the picture of her running to you. Can't wait to hear the details of this trip! Safe travels home!

Debbie said...

I love the picture of Rimma and the pure joy on her face at seeing you! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Praise God that you're home safe!

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