Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sad News

Today we learned that Rimma has been put into a hospital in Odessa Ukraine, a few hours southwest of Kherson. She tested positive for tubercle bacillus (TB) during a routine vaccination at her Internat. She will be there for two months, Zina said. Oksana called Zina and this is how we all found out about it. I read that this doesn't necessarily mean that she has Tuberculosis, just that she tested positive for tubercle bacillus and that if left untreated, it will develop into Tuberculosis. I'm not sure, though. Perhaps our medical friends could set us straight. We are glad that she is getting the care she needs there in Odessa. I feel the need to go to Ukraine more than ever, but we are not sure we would even see her. I hope she can still come to Colorado this summer. I hope that is not a selfish statement...I want that for her. Sorry if I'm not making sense, my heart is heavy and there is a dark cloud over the Rogé house right now.
Please pray for Rimma's recovery. Pray for Zina, too. She is missing her and worried. I'm glad that they have the phones, they can talk to each other.


Debbie said...

Oh, guys, we understand that your hearts are heavy! I wish you could just jump on a plane to Odessa and visit Rimma. We'll be sure to pray for her. It's great that Zina and Rimma can talk on the phone to each other. I hope a doctor who specializes in international adoption can help make sense of the situation; maybe there's one in your area you could contact.

Leslie said...

Listen, when Kristina came home and had her physical for school they tested her for TB. She had a "reaction" to the needle test so they scheduled her for a chest x-ray. The x-ray didn't show any signs of the disease, but chances are she was exposed to it at some point. hTey've put her on 9 months of perscription therapy to be sure she doesn't develop the disease. She takes a pill once a day. Don't worry too terribly much. I'm sure its nothing. I'd bet the're just being proactive.

adoptedthree said...

Two of my three children tested a high positive for TB exposure. What the doctors concur is that they have been exposed to TB at some point. Left untreated the TB may flare up, later in life. We did a nine month treatment with INH. This may be the case with Rimma.

The orphanages will send a child to the hospital, if feel a child is ill with TB, to ensure others are not exposed.

Poor Rimma, the hospitals are not a pleasant place to be for two months.

I will pray for her and a fast recovery.

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