Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Talk to the Hand!

Well, my fears have been realized! We got word from Frontier Horizon that the director has changed his mind and will not let the girls come on the hosting trip at all. He obviously has issues with us and he keeps bringing up the pre-selection laws of his country. He doesn't understand that we are not trying to adopt the girls at this point and we are not going around the SDA. We simply want to host them, help get them registered, and provide basic clothing needs and love. Yes, we know we have to obtain adoption permission from the SDA and that we will have to wait for 1 year after they are EVER registered before we can pursue adoption. Children go on hosting trips every Summer.

A trusted acquaintance of the director was to meet with him yesterday and discuss us and the girls, the same person who can get us in to see the director and the girls. We haven't heard back from him yet. Perhaps today.

We are still going, though. I am quite a bit angry and I am trying to remember my Christian beliefs and attitudes as we muddle through this process. I will blow a gasket the likes of which have never been seen if we get outside the orphanage only to be disallowed an audience with him or Zina. There will be other wonderful tasks accomplished during our trip, but seeing Zina was the main focus. I just don't understand God's plan with all of this.


Leslie said...

I am so sorry for this. I'm grateful that our God is a God who specialixes in impossib;e situations. Keep you eyes vertical, not horizontal as you walk travel this path.

Ashley said...

I am sorry they are not allowing the girls to come for the summer. I will pray everything works out the way God intends it to.

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