Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ukraine Trip - Sergei

My friend Sergei, what a fantastic guy! Sergei is a twenty year old Christian man introduced to us through the AGAPE ministry. I first met him at the AGAPE Monday night Bible study for transitioned orphans. He was a wonderful translator, having learned English in school and practicing it for further use in translation work. He said that he was a realtor, but that it wasn't working out. His great love is Christian hard rock music and he wants to play music for a living. Sergei translated for me while I spoke to the young people that came to the Bible study. We were filmed together when AGAPE asked me to be on their new DVD that they are working on right now. This is a big deal and AGAPE only puts out a new DVD every two-four years. This DVD is sent around the world to raise awareness and we saw the last DVD back in December when the kids came. I pray that this exposure helps Sergei in his future endeavors and that he gets noticed for the fine person that he is.
Sergei accompanied Heidi and me on the long trip to see Rimma. Not once did he complain or not want to be there. On the trip we learned that Sergei's family adopted two little girls. All week he spoke of his love of his sisters. When we asked him about them, we learned the story. It turns out that we share almost the same story as him and his family. This only drew us closer and his determination to help us talk with the girls and with his people intensified. Sergei was with us when Rimma came running into our arms and he saw first hand the love and concern that we have for her. I told Sergei many times that day that I was so very appreciative for helping make a little girl, whom he never knew, so happy. He told me and Heidi that is was evident that this girl is our daughter. He thought that she was very smart and observant for taking her time to decide about her adoption by us.
Friday would be the last day that I saw Sergei. We invited him up to the House of Bible after we got back that night. He had lots to say and was grateful to have the opportunity to serve. We told him that we would see him on the next trip and that we would pray for his future. Sergei, thank you for helping us all week. You were a great help when Andrea could not be with us. God sent you our way and it was his plan. May you be blessed in all your endeavors.


MamaPoRuski said...

Found your blog today, and was happy to see you visited a region close to our heart! We spent a month in Kherson while adopting from an orphanage near there last summer and hope to return in 2008! God bless you on your continued journey!

Heidi & Felix said...

Dear Mamaporuski,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, our hearts are still there with our two little girls. We love Kherson! It is such a beautiful place and the people are wonderful. The picture of Sergei, Heidi and me is taken when we went to see Rimma in Odessa. That is the Black Sea in the background.

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