Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Days

The thing that strikes me most about Tanya and Luba is that they are HAPPY. They seem so happy to be here and happy all the time! It is good to see and warms the soul. We did the right thing by bringing them here and God's timing was perfect. We will not travel to Ukraine until after the summer. Indications from the SDA are that we will get a Fall '08 appointment. Ten weeks with T & L will be uninterrupted. Perhaps they will be our first set (we have plans for 6 total over the next couple of years).

Saturday afternoon we went boating at the Carmen's house. They live on a private lake, so there is less congestion and it is safer. Originally the plan was to go to the Recreation center here in Longmont and let them play in the 3 pools. There are water slides and a lazy river there. But, we got the invite that morning and I just had to see if they would enjoy power boating with a tube. The girls never hesitated, they jumped right into the tube and off we went. They got some good air time, too. This did not scare them and they kept giving the "faster" signal. Both girls have a sense of adventure and will try most anything. Later, we had a bar-b-que with the Carmens followed by more tubing and a little swimming. Tanya can swim OK, but Luba cannot. Therefore, I asked them to leave their life jackets on. With their confidence in the life jackets, they swam everywhere and it was hard to get them out of the water. We capped off the evening with a marshmallow roast, which was a big hit! Despite the "sugar rush" both girls slept soundly in the backseat for the 30 minute trip back home. I even heard snoring! They played hard!

Tanya is OK with my presence, but Luba exhibits some "Felix fear". She will give me a good morning and goodbye hug when pressed for it, but normally shys away from me for other occasions. I will be patient and work on her. I went alone with them to the lake outing, Heidi went with Mayme for a girl's getaway. I made some good "Luba brownie points" but this morning it seems that I am back to square one. Perhaps pancakes this morning will put me back in her good graces. ~ Felix ~


Kathy & Matt said...

It's a delight to see all these pictures. Such joy!

Thanks for sharing and enjoy this time.

Leslie said...

Some words of advice with Luba: no crowing, Felix!

Heidi & Felix said...

LOL, Leslie! Too funny! We took them to get a couple of outfits and today I took them to the lazy river and the three indoor pools. They loved it and I have made big strides with Luba. Both are calling me Papi (Daddy) and I'm not sure how to handle that or how to respond. But it's cool to see that Luba just needed a few days.

So, can I moo instead?

Amy said...

What a couple of cuties! I had seen these two on the FH website a few months ago.... We could not afford to host this year - but maybe next year... I hope that all goes well for you!
Hopefully, you will get that SDA appt SOON!

Happy thoughts!

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