Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hello, is this thing on?

Hi everyone. Sorry we haven't made an entry in awhile...there isn't much to report on the adoption front. We haven't heard any new word on the dossier submission. But, it is time to start updating some of our documents. Much to my chagrin, we have to go see the Doc and get a medical update complete with new blood work. Yikes! Oh well, anything for my kids.

We have been slowly making Internat Longmont a home. It is too quiet and empty without kids. We have hosted a couple of UOO meetings and the Stoesz have brought over their Ukrainian adoptees, Rhya, Luke and Natalie. The Stoesz's oldest daughter and son and some of our close friends like the Fetters and Keenes have come over with their kids as well. The house makes a great entertaining home and it warms up with the laughter and play of the young-uns. One day, our kids will be here...and I will probably wish for peace and quiet again, hee-hee-hee!

We last talked to Zina two weekends ago. She was suppose to travel to Kiev with some other kids for some kind of field trip. She also told us that she would be leaving mid-June for camp and that she couldn't take her phone and that this would be the last time we would get to talk with her until late August. Then today, we got an e-mail from Oksana in Crimea. She said that Zina's trip to Kiev was cancelled and that she would like to talk to us soon. We will call her this weekend. Oksana said that she heard Rimma in the background, so that's good news. We were never quite clear on her release date from the Odessa sanatorium.

Our daughter, Jordan, arrives this weekend for the entire summer. It is a treat to have her that long each year and she eagerly anticipates spending the school vacation with us. We hope to make the call to Z & R with her so that she can hear her one-day-sisters' voices. Perhaps they will talk to one another for awhile.

That's all for now. We will be sure to write more often, if just to say hello. God bless you, our friends!

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Leslie said...

Thanks for the update. Hang in there!

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