Monday, June 16, 2008

Meet Tanya & Luba

For the past few weeks, I've been cranky, grumpy, and downright ornery! I've been struggling with God's plan for us concerning Rimma and Zina. I feel that God sent these two little girls to us for a reason. We want to adopt them, but they are not properly registered. That's why we journeyed to Ukraine for 10 days back in get the "ball rolling" again for their eventual adoption. The director wouldn't let them come to us for the summer hosting program and things were falling apart at the seams. Zina was no closer to registration and Rimma was in the hospital. We made some good strides, but it is still going to be a long process. To all who ask us, "When are you going to adopt R & Z?", there is no clear answer. Once both girls are properly registered (and who knows when that will be) there is a one year waiting period for international adoption. Combine that with the SDAs slow adoption process, you get the picture that this will be a long journey. But, we will never give up on Rimma and Zina. We are family, just separated by 6000 miles and a bureaucracy.

In the meantime, may I introduce Tanya (13) and Luba (9). They will be coming to stay with us for 10 weeks this summer, starting next Friday. They are part of Frontier Horizon's summer hosting program and were the last of eight kids not yet placed in homes. I contacted our dear friends, Garth & Debbie, last week (when I was in the doldrums) and told them that we wished that we had signed up with FH for hosting. We thought that we would get R & Z for the summer or that we would be traveling to Ukraine for adoption by this time, so we didn't sign up. I told her that we would volunteer to take kids if a family had to back out of the program. Not two days later, Debbie informed us that FH still had these 8 kids available, so we took a look at the bios and photos. I am happy to say that Tanya and Luba will be with us all summer and we completed the process of getting them here today.

I feel better and a peace and calm has come over me once again. God laughs at me when I plan. So, I felt his presence and hand in this when all things came together. Just like our relationship with R & Z, this is his will and I will obey. Nothing has changed with our desire to adopt Rima and Zina. They will be with us once we get through their process. However, we always knew we would adopt kids before they were ready. Perhaps Tanya and Luba will work out and they are the ones that God has planned for us. We will see if they are God's answer to our consistent prayers. ~Felix~

Don’t worry about anything, instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.
~ Philippians 4:6,


Debbie said...

I just have to laugh with you...all the plans we make, and God has His own. But I am so excited when we (and I mean all of us) relinquish control of the reins and let Him be the guide. The ride becomes so much more exciting than when I'm doing the driving. :-)

Praise God that He has given these sisters a home for the summer with such neat people. I look forward to meeting them! And I'm thrilled that He has given you two more kids to love on as you wait for Zina and Rimma. I often feel that my own heart has room for many, many kids! :-)

Leslie said...

You are Robert sound like you would get along splendidly! Where in Louisianan are you from? I grew up in Slidell, just above NO. My sister-in-law is from Chalmette.

I so enjoyed talking with Heidi the other day. Your willingness to consider all that God may have in store for your family is encouraging to us. We're excited to follow your summer with these two lucky girls!

Amanda Gail & Suz said...

Off in a propped up laptop, far far away in Washington DC a neice responds.

We're so excited to have found your blog/site! We being Mom and I. Today Douglas and I have herbal infusions (IV treatment) to go to pretty soon here... but I'm curious as to how I can start helping one of the Ukrainian orphans. By help, I mean give them letters, clothes, maybe even a phone? I woke up today rather energized -which is unusal for me- and I think it's God. I've been needing something to do besides my studies, writing and *blush* playing with my dolls.

Also, my Dad's parents are coming over and they're very crafty. In a good way! We wanted to make some special things for Luba and Tanya; is there anything the girls' bedrooms are lacking? I thought to paint up a small shelf with their names on it. Other suggestions are more than welcome, God's blessed us (or maybe, just me ;-D ) with a lot of time on my hands.

Love you loads!
Amanda (& Susan, Doug, John Edwards)

Heidi & Felix said...


I too lived in Slidell just after I graduated from Louisiana Tech University. My house there was off of Bayou Liberty Rd. But, I did not grow up there. My hometown (and where I still call home) is Natchitoches. I miss it, my Dad still lives there as do all of his family. My 19 year old daughter is there, going to Northwestern State University (see "Our college girl" picture at the bottom of our blog). I couldn't live or work there, jobs.

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