Monday, July 28, 2008

UOO Camp 2008 Day 1

The live version of John and Kate plus eight is here! All 8 kids for the UOO 2008 Summer Camp have arrived safely at 10 pm. We were forewarned that they were picked up from their Summer camp in Ukraine and were in the clothes that they had on at the time. They arrived with nothing, as most orphan kids do, and were happy that they were in the US. A few of the kids recognized me and came right to me for hugs and attention. After a few pictures and waiting for the chaperone's luggage, we loaded into the vehicles and headed off to home. In our house we have Vitalia, Zshenya, Vova, and Vasya. Four of the cutest little boys on the earth.

Once home the kids settled right in. We made sure they weren't hungry and then we gave them the tour of the house and where they would be sleeping. After pajamas time and brushing teeth, we attempted to get them into bed. All went well until I heard talking in the upstairs room. All four had grouped up there and were going through the welcome bags they had received. I spent half an hour or so before putting them back in bed. Hugs and love all around (a second time) were given and received. We got to bed again around 1 am. They boys were up this morning at 6:30!

I have heard Papi so many times that it makes me tear up a bit. All these children of Ukraine want is love, attention, and someone who cares. Please consider Ukraine adoption if adoption is on your mind or tugging at your heart. And PLEASE, consider the older children. They are as sweet and precious as any 4-6 year old. Most of these 10-12 year old seem to be that size and need love and parents, too!


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Leslie said...

what an advocate you are! Can't wait to hear more about the kids. I didn't realize MORE were coming to stay with you!

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