Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Garrett's are home!

Aimee, Matt & Anya arrived last night from their long journey from Ukraine. Kari, Heidi and I met up with their family at the water fountain at Denver International Airport. The Barrett family attended as well. Aimee & Matt were supposed to fly ahead of Anya and wait for her on a later flight, but they were able to get everyone on board the same flight. Despite the fact that an elderly lady died 10 minutes into the flight to Chicago, they arrived at DEN early. I'll let them tell the story on their blog, listed to the side over there under "Our Friend's Links & Blogs". They all looked very tired and exhausted, but they were very happy to have the welcome committee. Anya was a joy to meet and talk with, she is very animated and Matt wasn't kidding when he said, "She's all drama", but in a good way! We hope to see more of them and the family as the years go by. For now, we will let them rest up.

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