Thursday, October 9, 2008

This one's for you, Matt!

Everybody, quick, go read comment 12 on our last entry and come back. Back yet? Good.

Matt, this one is for you, buddy! I'm glad to be a friend of yours and Aimee! I didn't know you were reading the "days of our lives" way over there in Ukraine. We have been hanging on you and Aimee's every word. Matt, you are cracking us up with each post. So, you are bored, huh. Heidi tells me that everyday. She is completely and utterly bored, having project managed as much of our trip as possible. Watching paint dry right now would be a highlight of our day.Uugh, the time is crawling by!

We go to Kohl's, Target, you name it and peruse the kids clothes isles like expectant parents. The only difference is that we will give "birth" to 50 lb needy kids. I keep telling myself that my opportunity to empty my wallet and roll my eyes at the latest "sale" will come. You know Matt, the ladies always point out how much they "saved" on the purchases! Kohl's Cash is intoxicating!

In closing, Matt, I have some bad news. There has been a bit of infidelity on our part. We've been seeing a new UPS guy since you have been gone! We're sorry buddy, please forgive us. Come back, Matt! Come back!

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Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

Wow, just for me? That was a good post. Knew it had to be from Felix-humor and mocking those we love the best is truly an art and a gift that should be shared with all! We are so bored! Went to bed at 430PM!! No kidding, that's why I'm up at 1AM blogging and commenting. Wish you guys were here with us-that would be all kinds of fun.

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