Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ukrainian Reunion

Another great thing about our upcoming trip to Ukraine is that we will be reunited with many friends that we have made over the last two years, most of them we consider our extended family. And that's good! (in my best Forest Gump voice). Most of them know that we are coming, so we will make good use of our down time and visit with them while we wait for our various adoption processes. Kherson is like a second home to us now and we both know how to get around the town fairly easily. While we will not be able to adopt Rimma and Zina this trip, we will get to see them again and we plan to celebrate Zina's birthday on the 22nd of November. Of course, we will check on their registration, too.
Heidi and I want to work with AGAPE in Kherson while we wait during the infamous "10 day holding pattern". Sasha was understaffed and in need of help when we were there last. We also would like to get over to Simferopol and see our friends there.
We've been dodging questions about the adoption and walking on egg shells when folks ask us, "Do you know who you will adopt?" The easy answer is that this is Ukraine, nothing is certain or guaranteed, and we are praying for guidance. We have petitioned the SDA for children that we have met on hosting trips here in the US. Nothing is for certain as is the case with Rima and Zina. Heidi and I want to withhold name(s) for now. We aren't trying to keep secrets or anything. This may not happen, so it's best not to get ours or anyone's hopes up on something so uncontrollable as Ukrainian adoption. In any case, we will get to see the kids that have been on the last two UOO hosting trips.
On another note, Matt, be thankful to be in Ukraine during this election season. Dude, I get at least 5 political ad phone calls a day! Most of them are recorded. I'm wondering, do they really think Americans stop and listen to these things. I Tivo most of our TV watching just to go past all of the campaign ads. A fun trick, though, is when you get a live person on the phone, tell them you are voting for the other guy. I love to hear them "tap dancing" on the other end of the line! Of course, I hear that the president of Ukraine wants to call for elections in December. So, we will get it all over again. I hope Ukrainian humor is the same when I answer that phone over there. "Hello, yes, I think (insert Ukrainian party official of opposing party here) would make a fine president, uhh, PM uhh, dictator, whatever!!"

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