Thursday, November 27, 2008

Court Date!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It is already Thursday here as I type at my ole internet cafe! Currently it is about 1pm (3am Colorado time) and I'll need to be quick because I need to leave and pick up the kids for our daily 2pm roundup.

We got our court date notification this morning! We will go to court with all three kids for a 10:30am hearing this Friday, November 28th! Then starts the 10 day waiting period. Things kinda slowed down for us the past two weeks, so we have been using this downtime by spending time each day with the kids. I mentioned earlier our daily 2-6pm routine.

We are growing closer together as a family. At first the kids would "umm"at us or clap their hands to get out attention. They aren't ready to say Momma & Papa just yet. Heidi and I quickly nipped this in the bud the first day by telling them that they could call us Heidi and Felix or Mama & Papa, but call us something. We didn't like the initial "umms" and clapping. Kolya resorted to whislteling at me the first couple of days. That boy can do the "hail a taxi" whistle, something I have never mastered. But, I thought it a little disrespectful, even if he didn't see it that way. No whislteling at Dad!

The past week, however, the kids refer to us as Mama & Papa when talking to each other about us or when refering to us with other adults. Little Julia has started calling Heidi, Mama. She still calls me Felix, as do Nadia and Kolya. Nadia slipped a couple of times and called me Papa one day. So, they are adjusting. Just a couple of weeks ago, they never dreamed that a family was coming for them. We were the first parents to see their files and the first to ever visit them. So, they had no idea of Ukrainian adoption timelines.

I agree with Heidi about their use of Mama and Papa. She reasoned that they are a little hesitant perhaps because when they do, they will have let go of the only parents they knew before. It can be hard for an orphan to make this transition. Rimma and Zina have done it and they call us Mama & Papa, but they have had time, and both have spent time in our home. A little time will help and before long I'll get tired of hearing them say, "Dad, can I have some money" or "Dad, can I borrow the car"! Until then, Heidi and I do secretly yearn for those titles to come from their voices. Those are words we have waited since our wedding to hear.

We have a family to spend Thanksgiving with and we have lots to be thankful for. We will write to you all post-court. Have a blessed holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from Ukraine.


Mayme said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heidi & Felix, Nadia, Julia & Koyla!! one happy family in the making!! this year brings new joys to all of you and those of us fortunate to read and know your journey. Mayme

Anonymous said...

Ahh Felix, you have such a way with words! I pray that you will hear 'Mama' and 'Papa' very soon from all three kids. And I pray that your heart stays strong as you do what you need to do for the kids...give them the time and the space to want to say it when they are ready. But I am very proud of both of you for not allowing the whistling and the clapping...setting those boundries now will make the transition and your lives so much easier!

Love to you all, and know that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers today on Thanksgiving and on every day!


p.s. It's been really warm here...between 50-70 degrees. A couple days it was pushing 80! But only one real cold day since you left. It's supposed to snow today, but it sure doesn't look like it to me right now!

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Congratulations on getting your court date! Then you can begin the countdown to coming home:)

You will see there are many things that they don't think are disrespectful. They have no guide to compare to. All they know is how to act around other children and 'semi' attentive adults. Actually, they only know survival mode and it is very hard to get them out of it! The caregivers do the best they can, but how can they give one on one attention to all the extremely needy children.

Best wishes on Friday!

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

Hey guys! Just got all caught up again on the last 3 entries. Very glad that the court date is set, it's another event to cross off the list. Anya called me "Papa" immediately and it was nice, you'll love it when it's all they call you. I'm certain I've been called other things in the past few weeks, I just don't know it. What a great picture of all you. Hard to believe only about 2 more weeks. "Hell On Earth" would be packed into the train next to Felix, for eternity!!! :) Take care.

jandt said...

That's terrific and very fast for court. Hope we can follow your example. Know what you mean about the titles/names. Our youngest started using Mama and Papa the third day we met him. I like the sound of it. I'm just not sure if that was too quick/easy.

God Bless

Debbie said...

How did it go??? I'm sure the Roge' Cinco wowed the judge. :-)

Anonymous said...

'Mama & Papa',

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

xo, J, K, Q +R

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