Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Last Hurrah

Last night we held our last hurrah party to celebrate our last weekend home without children! It was great to see everyone and catch up. The party was over by 9:00 p.m., so I guess we're already acclimated to life with kids! We made many promises to blog as much as possible during our adoption trip. Not knowing whether we'll have any or reliable Internet service, the promises all have a little asterisk* attached!

Thanks to everyone who brought gloves, hats and scarves for the orphans of Ukraine! More thanks to all the pen pals in Colorado sending letters and gifts with us for their UOO pen pals in SB. It will be a privilege to hand deliver the goodies to the orphans! Thanks also for the survival package from the Stoesz family! We'll try not to eat all the candy before we meet our kids!

Stay tuned...more coming soon about our evening at Timberline Church with Tom Davis (author of Fields of the Fatherless). Wow!


doctordavid said...

I'm excited about you coming, I know you must be too! I don't know if our paths will cross here. I don't think we are getting back to Kiev for a week, but you never know. We'll keep a watch out for you on your blog, follow your progress and keep you guys in prayer.

Toni McCarty said...

Hi Heidi & Felix,

I've been following your blog since the beginning (I guess I've been a "lurker" ;-). I'm super excited for the both of you and we will definately be praying for you during our family prayer time. We will be excited to meet our new cousins!

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations on making it this far! Can't wait to see your travel posts! God Bless!

missyhope said...

Hi our SDA appointment is November 17th. We have waited a long time for this. Maybe our paths will cross. I hope so.

gholmcmfbp said...

Hi Felix and Heidi,

I was looking Felix up to talk about flights in the Carribean and saw you are on your way to pick up your Princesses!!!! Bro, I remember the glee you were experiencing when you were sharing your adoption journey there in the CRE and now it is coming to pass. Mega congrats and PRAISE GOD!!

Give me a shout back after you get a bit adjusted (I know, you are beyond being totally adjusted :-) and I'll do some brain picking with you.

Yours in Christ,

Greg Holm, COANG (Ret)

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