Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Update

We spent all day today (Saturday) with Nadia & Kolya. Julia became sick and had to stay behind. We took them into Kiev and wore them out. Both kids slept in the taxi all the way home (1 hour due to traffic). We had another great day. We may be out of communication until Thursday because we are traveling back down to Kherson for a few days. We are in the 10 day wait, we didn't get it waived. A week from Tuesday,we will take custody of the kids for good. We had planned long ago to do our mission work a few days during this period and Rimma will be leaving for a singing concert in Crimea next weekend. We want to spend the afternoons with her and during the day we will be visiting the SB kids that came on this year's UOO camp. So it's another chance to do God's work and leverage UOO's prescence into the Kherson orphanages. Besides, I gotta get rid of the four giant bags of goodies that all of our wonderful volunteers sent with us. I've not had to lug it around but a couple of times. But, it has been sitting in the corner of our room, reminding us of it's existance everytime I trip over it.

Love to all. Thank you for your kind comments. It is a comforting blanket to us. We will be home soon. I'll talk to you late next week if we can't get on-line in Kherson. ~ Felix ~


Karen said...

Good to get caught up on the last few days! Thanks so much for my suitcase!! You guys are the best :)
We are all doing well...enjoying the Florida sunshine!! Will write more later...

Anonymous said...

Hi -- Thank you again for sharing your journey with all of us. When I have read your news my heart smiles and tears come to my eyes. I continue to pray that each day your new family bond will grow and that things would continue to go smoothly. Your new family is beautiful! I will be praying for these girls as well. I am in awe as I have read your blog....God's plan are so amazing!

I know you said just drop you a quick note even if it is just hi. For some strange reason I haven't been able to post any comment until today....some sort of computer glich. Today it seems to be working.

My thought and prayers are with you as your journey continues!

Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

It's so hard to see photos of great kids that need homes!
Good to know about the yarn. I'll have some that is no good for hats and bring it.

Love Rolly and Leeny

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

Did you read Dr. Davids last post? If not, do it! It'll make you want to go out and save the world, or at least punch whimpy christian men right in theire whimpy christian face. In fact, I'm actively looking to do so starting today. :) You guys are so close, what 4 days? If you want ice cream at the airport, you can pry it right out of my firmly clinched knuckles-or punch me in the face, I usually need and/or deserve it. Oh, Anya hates me the last two days, it's a lot of fun. Maybe today she'll like me, if not, I stay the course, you do the same for your lovely wife and new kids.

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