Friday, November 7, 2008

Ready, Set, GO!

We are heading out now, the big day is finally here! We will fly through Chicago and Munich en route to Kiev, Ukraine. We will arrive Saturday at 4pm. We will be staying at Karen Springs' apartment until we leave for the region which our children are living. As many of you know, we are going "blind", meaning we don't know the children yet. This is the case with most Ukraine adoptions. Rimma and Zina aren't registered properly and we will have to return in the future for them.

We will try and blog as much as possible. Of course, this is dependent on the region we are in and whether or not we have Internet service or an Internet cafe nearby. I'm sure we will be able to blog, don't worry.

We will visit Rimma and Zina when possible. Zina has a birthday coming up and she has already begged us to be there for it. We will visit the kids from Stara B. that came on the hosting trip this summer. I wish that I could adopt a few of them, but they have registration issues too. We hope to work with AGAPE and CBN ministries while we are there as well. We will keep you posted.

So, put your tray tables up and your seat backs in the forward position! We will be "wheels up" in a little while and on our way to meet our kids!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys! And so cool to see the 2008 Adoption Trip Folder ready and waiting to fill with photos of your new family!

We will be thinking and praying for you all the way. Have fun, be are in for the trip of a lifetime!

Lots of love and kisses.


DoveFamily said...


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I pray that your trip is successful. We are awaiting our submission. We, too, are going "blind". I have been following many blogs in which the families knew their kids before traveling, so it will awesome to follow your journey. Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Have a great time. I will be lurking at work waiting for your next post...

Bruce and Cathy Smith, PHX AZ

Debbie said...

We are praying! We can't wait to know who your children are and to see their precious faces. But we will wait until you're ready to share. We'll pray and pray and pray during your journey!

God makes a home for the lonely... (Psalm 68:6)

I praise Him that He is using you! What a huge blessing when a family is brought together!

Hugs to you guys--we love you!

Kathy and Matt said...

Praying for you as you leave. Knowing that God's plan and timing is perfect.

God bless!

Amy said...

I am so happy for you guys!
By now you are on a plane and all ready to go!
Best wishes on Monday with the SDA!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!

family #924

Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

Oh man, you were up early! Did you sleep at all last night? Godspeed my friends!

Mayme said...

H&F travel Safe. Enjoy the experience!! Love Mayme

Mike and Gail said...

Wonderful, have a blessed trip. Their are great kids down in Sevastopol region. It is beautiful this time of year. I know of a great sibling group 10 and 16 boy and girl.
God's grace and peace while you travel.

Tami said...

We are soooo excited for you! We'll be praying for a smooth flight and lots of rest for you both.

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