Friday, December 12, 2008

It Ain't over 'till the Fat Lady sings!

...but we are getting closer! Today we applied for new passports in the kids' new names. I accompanied them into the office as each had their picture taken. I proofed each document and signed my name on two lines for each of them. I looked over the form that will be their passport and at the end of each was the last name Roge'. I was just as happy the day the day we received their birth certificates with the new names and last name. It is real! I'm a new dad of three and Heidi is a new mom! Can't wait for you to meet them!

Olga told us that we might get the passports on Wednesday, Thursday the latest. Hopefully it will be Wednesday, please pray for that. If so, we can accomplish the medicals and visas by the end of the week. We can't buy airline tickets just yet until all of this is done. I'm hoping to fly out the next weekend. I'll let ya know.

I agree with your last comment, Matt! Posts do get shorter as time gets shorter! I'll do some writing on my laptop as time permits. Perhaps I'll do a story or two on "things Ukrainian" this photo of a popular resteraunt here in Boyarka. Yep, she stands outside on the main road for all to see! I've been here so long that these things seem normal and don't phase me at all.
Quit staring Matty!


Rahn's Journey said...

Are you two walking around singing, "I'll be home for Christmas", it doesn't sound like it will be in your dreams either. What a gift that will be to all of your family. We are praying for a smooth journey to completion.

Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

OKAY! WELL! That's something you won't see in Hollywood!!! She's (sniff) beautiful.

Why does Felix have his head in her armpit? (I guess that is the only safe place to put your head on such a statue.)

Karen said...

I remember this lady...only slightly disturbing to see your head resting on her sholder. Yes, Zina and Vika were both in the accident-- Vika hit her head- but all was okay--they were all fine, praise God and seemed in good spirits inspite of the long day. Talk to you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Been enjoying reading your journey but can't wait for you to get back home and meet the latest Roge kiddos already! Best wishes on the rest of your ride. Look forward to your safe return, soon! Happy Holidays!
Love, J,K,Q & R

Leslie said...

Hey! Just checking in and learning of your progress . . .wait . . .that's not Heidi! Hmmm, I guess there's lots to pray about! Keep your sense of humor!

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

That is gross beyond description. Doesn't it bother you that this seems normal? Staring? It gave me a "permanent softy"!! I sent you a picture of your home. It stands there empty, like an old castle thats been abandoned. It's going to be interesting to drive by there in the summer and see whose outside enjoying their new lives. Would you guys find a way to get out of there? 6 weeks!!

Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari, and Misha said...

Dear Heidi, Felix, Nadia, Julia, and Kolya,

You are almost there! The paperchase is the last bit - almost the top of the mountain - which is the day or two at the Embassy when you are offiically on "home soil" and signs are in English and there is a water cooler, a play area, and a clean bathroom with rolls and rolls of white t.p.!

Our internet was down for two days and it was torture to not be able to check in on you and the Volf's.

The statue is interesting. In Italy it is the custom to rub the female statues mammary glands for good luck (let's keep this family p.c.) - is it the same in Ukraine? It is nice to see a bountiful Ukrainian woman!

How are the kids settling in with you? Are they enjoying the little things like the grocery stores and the market?

We brought home Ukrainian candy for the kids in Mari and Duncan's classes to try and two Happy Meal boxes folded flat so that the classrooms could see the Happy Meals are universal! There is one brand of hard candy (I will have to look for one and get you the name) that has a fizzy sour liquid center. You are enjoying the orange taste and boom, you hit that center pocket and get a surprise! The kids loved them! It was kind of like pop-rocks, but a finer fizz. You can buy candy by the kilo at the market - I'm sure the kids will volunteer to help with this one!

Enjoy your last week! Are you staying in Boyarka or moving to Kyiv?

Your family in covered in prayer,
The Barretts

Toni said...

Hi Heidi & Felix,

We posted before but maybe we are one of the people that it didn't work for. Anyway, we (Terri, Tammy, Tina, and Toni) are all sitting here together with a laptop reading your adventure, laughing and crying all the way through it. We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet everyone. BTW: We think we've met that lady at the tavern! ;-)
The "T" Hibners

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