Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Love You!

Those three little words...Ahhhh! Don't you love to hear them. We are waiting on the day that our girls tell us. I can see that they do and perhaps and day it will slip out. We are more than patient. We, however, tell them at every turn, a hundred times a day. We also give spontaneous hugs and kisses. They just need to be showered with love and that's just what we do.
Nadia and Julia are the best snugglers and they love to be held by either one of us. Nadia kisses me on the cheek every time we part ways or meet at the end of the day. She is still building trust. Julia is, well, just Julia, so we don't hear it from her. Heidi told Julia one night that she loves her and Julia replied, "Me too". Heidi said, "You love Julia, too!" She giggled and said, "No, I love you." So Love is there, just never spoken by the girls.
Kolya tells us all the time now. He will do so in front of others. Last night at bedtime, he presented us with a few self-made Valentines cards. One said, "I love you, Papa", the other, "I love you Mama" and the third was a combo, "I love you Momma & Papa"! He routinely walks up to us and hugs us for very long periods of time. Kolya wouldn't let go last night at bedtime, so I pulled away, still he wouldn't let go. I asked if something was wrong. He said, "No". I asked if he just needed more lovin' and he said "Yes". Then came those three little words, "I love you"! Uuhh, I could have died happy right then.

We had parent-teacher conferences last night. Suffice it to say, everyone knows of Julia's special needs, so it wasn't a shock to hear the reports of school life thus far for her. She has some OT this week and some more evaluations planned in the near future. She is bored with her lessons because she doesn't understand the processes or the language. That student study can't come quick enough for her.

Kolya & Joshua at the airport

Kolya is a star pupil in his class and the teacher reported that everyone wants to be Kolya's friend. He actively engages and is learning English rapidly through his immersion into school. His cognitive level is also coming along. He did a rather tough graphing math problem with no trouble. His teacher says that he is very neat and has the nicest handwriting. Kolya gets to write a new Ukrainian word on the board each day to show his class. The teacher reports that everyone waits in anticipation of this word everyday. He helps them pronounce it and this gives him the added confidence he needs to succeed.

Changing gears now. I've noticed, as I update the 'Friends' blog area over there on the right, that most everyone we know or follow has come home. I can't wait to start updating the Hoffmann blog and the Christopherson's blog. Pretty soon, everyone will be "Home"! We've got to get some new friends up there! Let us know about your adoption blog and we will add you.

Speaking of friends, I miss a few on the other side of the world. We miss you Becky & Nadia, Eunice & Kevin, Karen, Olga & Sasha, Rollie & Leena, Andrea & Sergie, Natasha & Luba, Oksana, Vera & Sasah F, and all the orphans we have met through the camps. You are ever present in our thoughts, dreams and prayers. You guys are the 'salt of the earth' and we love you all. Especially missed and loved are Rimma & Zina, our daughters in our hearts! Nadia, Julia & Kolya know of you and tell everyone that you will too come home one day. They are eager to meet their new sisters.

~ Felix ~


Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

I'm hurting for more Jesus people over here. Anyone wanna come for a visit? (Thank God for the internet!)

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

What a sweet story! Stay strong, the love is apparently working.

Anonymous said...

We're IUAFN family #475. We adopted in 2002, two children ages 6&7 yrs. old. People think we missed out on first words, first tooth poking through, first steps. I tell them I got the first "I love you" and they knew exactly what it meant when they said it. That's worth a million of the firsts we missed. Love reading your blog,

Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari, and Misha said...

How are you guys getting the time to blog? Amazing!

I am just keeping my head above water and doing good to keep track of everyone and be sure I include any issues in my prayers!

We have been getting a few Misha "I lo lu's" - yes they are incredible and when followed by a hug or kiss it melts my heart and I can't be mad at him for winkieing all over the toilet seat! Ok, I am still mad, but the memory of the hug makes cleaning the mess a little easier!

It is great to hear how Kolya is doing in class and how he is fitting in! He is a sweetie! Who wouldn't want to be his friend?

The girls will get more verbal with their love. It is nicer to have it happen slowly rather than insincere declarations of love in the beginning.

Let's get the kiddos together for Rec. Center swimming -Mari and Dunc can swim for hours and protest when I drag them away! I will have to find a buddy from school for Meesh to swim with as he can't go where the big kids can go!

You guys are never far from our thoughts! The Barretts

Natasha said...

I almost get jealous at times of your guys' adoptive community - you are so fortunate to have each other right there!
My husband Erik and I (Natasha) leaving for Ukraine on 2/23 to adopt maybe a little family like yours... :)
Karen introduced me to your blog (Thank you, Karen!); you and the Volf's have been a blessing to us so far! Reading your guys' blogs have been so inspirational to me.
If you think of us, please keep us in your prayers. Our blog is at Can I add your blog to my "Blog roll"?
And before I forget - any kiddos with any SN are in my heart. Our bio-10 year old is SN and I can't thank God enough for bringing him into our life. He's is a blessing to us and everyone around him - we do a lot of things to help him along and he's come SO far and we still have a long road ahead of us.
All I can think of is all those lessons God had taught us through raising our special little blessing. :)

The McEacherns said...

I don't know if we're actually friends, but we're fellow Christians who have enjoyed following your blog throughout your adoption process! We're currently working on our dossier (USCIS fingerprinting tomorrow!) and praying for two little girls! We'd love to be added to your friends list! Blessings, Josh & Marcie

Tami said...

Hi! We've been following your story since before you left for Ukraine - sometimes commenting, sometimes leaving (hopefully) encouraging comments to let you know we were praying.
We are the parents of four awesome kids, all adopted internationally.
Our oldest three Alek (10), Anya (8) and Nick (7) we brought home from Russia...our youngest Maddie (5 - tomorrow) we brought home from Ukraine a little over a year ago.
We have enjoyed following your journey and would love to be added to your friends list. :)

Penny said...

Hi! A few months back I was told by our adoption agency's director to start a blog and cried, it sounded big and scary...
I decided to try and find a few to read and have been following yours since shortly after you got to the Ukraine. Thanks for showing me blogging wasn't nearly as scary as actually going through that last few weeks in country;) I can blog-on for now and down the road the Lord wiil supply the bravery I need to travel when needed to complete our journey;) One day at a time, right?? I'd appreciate you adding us to your list of friends, Penny

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