Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My first "I Love You"

Well, it finally happened, but hasn't happened since. Just the one occurrence despite my continued, "I love you, Nadia" offerings 20 times a day. Kole & Julia have been saying it for weeks, now.

You may remember that Friday or Saturday nights are family movie nights at home. We make a big deal of it, sometimes we have pizza, but almost always we pop some popcorn. I'm gonna have my man-card revoked for telling you this, but this past week's movie was Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Oh boy, I can hear Matt groaning now! He's gonna let me have it! In my defense, the "tweens" wanted to see it and I just wanted that precious cuddling time. Oops, there's that word again! I snoozed during most of it and had to Google how to spell "Chihuahua" if that helps my cause.

Nadia was tucked in close on the sofa and during a "tender" moment when said petite canine was lost and was trying to get home...

N: "Aww, Popi, poor Cloe Chihuahua no gets home!"

F: "It's OK, Nadia. Every Disney movie has a happy ending."

N: "Yeah, you think Cloe get home?!"

F: "Yes, sweetie!"

F: "I love you, Nadia"

N: "I love you, too Popi"

F: "Ahhhhhhhh!"

Ahh, exquisite joy. Thank you Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie people! I waited a few minutes and went into the kitchen where Heidi was visiting with our friend, Aimee. I related the above story. She told me that earlier in the day, Nadia announced to her that Kole and Julia were mama's babies. But, she, was a daddy's girl!

I'm still trying to wipe the permanent smile off my face!

~ Felix ~


Debbie said...

Precious. :-) Congrats, Papi!

Tami said...

It doesn't get any better than that, does it?! :)

Laurel said...

Felix and Heidi,
I look forward to reading through your blog. We share a lot of common passions! Congrats again on the addition of your new children. They are true blessings. Please stay in touch!

Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

You won't be good for much now. I may have to call Heidi and form a support group for wives of smitten husbands!


The McEacherns said...

Ahh, the power of love... and Disney! I can't wait until I hear those words coming from a little girl! Only not the Popi part! We'd have to explain a whole lot if she can't tell the difference between Mommy and Daddy!

The McEacherns said...

By the way, you can update our status in the blog roll. We mailed our dossier yesterday!

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