Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Late-Breaking Adoption News

We interrupt our regularly scheduled UOO camp activities to bring you this late-breaking message. As of today, we passed our clearances for adoption. We immediately hired our facilitator in Ukraine and the homestudy is completed and being written. Next up is the USCIS stuff. We are on our way to bring Rimma home by year's end. We hope for something to break loose soon for Zina as well and I won't hesitate to petition for her, even though her one year clock will be ticking. The power of prayer has the strength to overcome all obstacles!

~ Felix ~


The McEacherns said...

Congrats on this step! You know that now you can register your dossier with just a completed home study and POA forms, right? Then you can work on other dossier docs while you wait for your submission date. (speeds the process and helps cut out expired docs!) Blessings!

bdnp3827 said...

let me know when you head this way!!!

Rolan said...

Rimma, we're waiting for you!

Debbie said...

Fantastic! Can't wait to hear more. We got our I-171H in three could be on the fast track.

Heidi and Felix said...

Debbie - if only Rimma's and Zina's availability was on the Fast Track!!!

Sergey and Tatyana said...

I was wondering if you can e-mail me? I have some questions about adoption, and I would be really appreciated if you can help me.
Thank you

Very happy for you guys! God Bless you and your family!

Mayme said...

Congrats Heidi & Felix!!! THis is great news. come on bureaucrats-get Zina registered!!!

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