Thursday, August 20, 2009

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Back in the 90’s, there was a commercial on TV showing a Dad dancing through the aisles of a store and pushing a shopping cart to the music of It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The ad is a play on Christmas shopping. A boy and a girl are shown in tow with the biggest frowns on their faces. Dad is shopping for school supplies and having a ball! I love my kids, but this is my happiest time of the year too!

After the past few months of summer and all the drama that comes with tween girls, a school year is just what the family needs. Our kids need the structure, they thrive on it and everyone’s behavior seems much improved. A consistent schedule from Sunday night to Friday afternoon gives order in contrast to the lazy days of summer. We adhere to a strict policy of no TV from Sunday afternoon until Friday night, tucking in and reading before lights out, and bedtimes of 8 pm. Don’t get me wrong though, I still prefer Summers to any other time of the year and I will sneak downstairs and catch a show between 8-10 pm if I’m not exhausted from the day’s events.

This was the first week of school for the kidos. Nadia is in the 7th grade, Julia is in the 6th grade with an IEP, and Kolya is in the 5th grade. Nadia & Julia will attend the same school, Trail Ridge MS and Kole is still at Rocky Mountain Elementary. Julia & Kole started yesterday, the 19th of August while Nadia starts today, the 20th. There was a little bit of grumbling from Nadia about going back to school, but only because she was nervous and will be without Ashley Volf. (Both girls graduated from their newcomer’s program last year and are attending separate schools. Kari also made the decision to put Ashley in 8th grade.) Everyone else seemed more than eager to get started. Kole was especially excited.

I wonder how our two angels in Ukraine are doing and if they are excited to restart school. I’m sure Rimma realizes that she will most probably end her school year in America. Perhaps Zina will get to be here for the following school year. Keep praying for her, and for us. Thank you.

~ Felix ~


Kevin and Pam said...

Too funny! My husband and I just loved the "BOB" comment you put on our blog! It is now a code word for us also. Yes, we know about this kind of behavior... One needs to experience to know it.

Kari said...

Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying back to school also. We used to allow 30 minutes of TV, but it got way too complicated. This is my show, now it's so and so's show, but another kid is watching it, so we are TV free during the week now, too-yea! God bless teachers!

friends said...

Garth was singing this in my ear when we shopped for school supplies a few weeks ago. He told me I just had to write and tell you. The girls didn't think it too funny when we mentioned the song and school...wonder why? ;-)

Debbie said...

Felix and Heidi, that last comment was from me, Debbie. Sigh. I need a vacation.

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

1st time I've looked at your blog in almost 6 months. The best thing about all my girls going back to school is the cost. It's waaaayy to expesnsive to have them at home during the summer. We have one at Niwot HS, one at Mead MS, and 2 at Skylilne HS (one is an exchange student from western Ukraine, the other, our Ukrainian Princess), it's a real joy getting their half comatose, low blood sugar, "life blows" selves to school every morning. By the way, I've really enjoyed almost running over 2 of your three kids in my UPS truck each day during the summer as I drive through the neighborhood and they fly around on their bikes. It's even funner to come back to my truck after a delivery to find at least one in the drivers seat and the other rifling through packages in the back!! :) It's fun seeing them every day, though, really, especially watching the language improve. Later...

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