Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girls handed over

Whew, WWIII avoided! However, what has this done for future hosting programs? Frontier Horizon, UOO? Let's hope the Ukrainian government doesn't go berserk over this.

I wish that I had written this on the previous post, I did understand what the man was feeling. That's how i felt the day i put R & Z on the plane back to Ukraine. What was their future, who would tuck them in at night, who would love them as we have? Starting an international incident & ignoring the law isn't the answer!

I hope he gets the girls...legally! Perhaps our experience could educate the man...e-mail me, Larry. Lost causes aren't hopeless when God is involved!

~ Felix ~


The McEacherns said...

Praise the Lord! Now let's pray that adoptions and hosting programs can continue without a bunch of backlash over this incident!

Hevel said...

I am afraid that after this incident he will be denied adoption in Ukraine. :-( Unless he runs into a very soft hearted judge.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Thank Goodness! I do feel he may have ruined his chances at legally adopting the girls unless he can use this incident to show how much he really loves the girls!

SandyKassia said...

I cried for a week at night before putting Kristina on that plane. After she left, I cried again... TONS.
I still get sad everytime I go through her room... Is she getting well fed? is she happy? are they treating her well??? Tons of what ifs...

BUT all I can do is pray that she may come home soon.

I am sorry for those 3 girls, but I am happy things are all done. Now our kids can come home, and hopefully FH wont be hurt.

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