Friday, September 25, 2009

Good news in 3's

It's beautiful day here in Colorado, unlike the past few days we have experienced. Since Monday it has been overcast and rainy, with snow falling in the mountains. The front range is but 15 miles or so away and we have a good dusting on the peaks and especially Longs Peak, for which our town is named.

What makes the day even better is that I have good news...three pieces of good news, in fact!
  1. Heidi comes home tonight! Right now she is somewhere over the Atlantic.

  2. My Dad flies in tonight too and will be with us for two weeks!

  3. The Bahamian marriage certificates with apostiles arrived today!
So this completes our dossier, which is in the hands of our facilitator already. We were missing just this one document. I've forgotten how long ago we sent off for it, I think it was last month. What took it so long, do you think? Perhaps it's the pretty lace and gold embossed seal they put on it. All of our other documents are plain, black & white papers from Colorado, but these really stand out!

~ Felix ~


Christine said...

Congrats! Safe journey home Heidi!

Leslie said...

Yeah! Lots of good news!

Heidi and Felix said...

More good news - I hand delivered our dossier to our facilitator last Friday. This week he confirmed that everything (except the missing marriage cert) looks good! Whew! It was easy this time.

Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

Maybe the fanciness of the document is to make up for the length of time it takes to get it to you!

MamaPoRuski said...

Those are pretty documents, hope they weren't as expensive as they look LOL! Praying Heidi gets some rest too!

MomInTheTrench said...

Congrats! Two of my kids are from Kherson.

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