Saturday, December 12, 2009

The calm before the storm

Is everyone still out there? (Cue the crickets chirping).

I know it has been almost two weeks since we posted anything. We have delved into work, family life, holiday preparation and getting ready for the eventual four to six week adoption process next month. Besides, there's not much to report on and I have been working 12-hour midnight shifts at work. Six pm to six am doesn't leave much personal time and I have to sleep sometime. Thank goodness that this schedule will come to an end soon, and just in time for Christmas and New Year's Day!

Before you know it, the next month will pass and we will be getting on that plane headed to Ukraine. The calm before the storm will soon be over. It became real to me this week. R will be home within three months! This process has taken what seems like forever to us. When parents are separated from their kids, it feels like forever! I can't imagine what it has been like for R & Z!

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that the government of Ukraine allowed Z to come home too! What a miracle that would be. I've never heard of them letting an orphan be adopted before their one year time limit is up, but stranger things have happened. I pray that prayer every night.

~ Felix ~


Hevel said...

Apparently in extremely rare cases it happens that the one year wait is waived. Someone at our synagogue ended up adopting a boy 7 months into the wait, but that might have been considered that both parents were born in what's Ukraine today, though neither have a Ukrainian passport.

I hope you had a prophetic dream!

The Houghtons said...

We continue to pray for you all. It will be good to see you at home before you make your way here.

Kari said...

Actually, Felix, you know of one family that was able to adopt before the one year wait was up.

Adoption Adventure said...

Waiting is so hard I pray that this time passes quickly for you. We have had Lena home almost 5 months and it hardly seems possible. I pray God gives you calmness and peace throughout the rest of your adoption. Looking forward to following you in Ukraine. Rhonda

Kevin and Pam said...

Oh Boy! Bet you guys are really anxious to get on that plane! Can't wait to follow the journey.

Natasha said...

Praying for you - God is an awesome God, and He can make anything happen - Ukraine or not! But, we always have to remember to pray for His will to be done. And I really hope and pray that His will is to bring both girls home early next year!!!

The McEacherns said...

Praying for you guys as you wait uot this last month!

Stephanee Potts said...

I follow you guys all the time but only occasionally post :) I am praying that all will go smooth and that your time in Ukraine will be blessed. I can't wait to hear that one more of your children is safely home.

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