Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 2 - Boyarka Orphanage Visit

Heidi and I went to bed last night, just exhausted. I think I fell asleep in record time. There is not much to write about and it will be a just quick note for today as we want to rest up for the big day tomorrow.
After sleeping in we went over to the Boyarka orphanage. We spent a couple of hours with the kids and handed out letters and gifts that our children had sent. We got to see a few familiar faces and it was good to not see a few other faces...ones that have found homes and have been adopted.
See the blond girl standing on the far right. She desperately wants a family and is as sweet as can be.
Having no brothers, sisters or family, she feels alone in the world and wonders about her future. She cried and left the room after she talked about her friends that have found homes and been adopted. She waits, her adoption clock running out of time. If you're interested, hurry, she turns 16 in May. The girl to her right is in the same situation, but she is 12 and has a few more years. I pray for homes for all these children.
~ Felix ~


Christine said...

What region are you in? So glad you were able to spend time with all the girls.

The DeYoungs said...

Hi Heidi,
Hey I have a question ...feel free to ignore it if it is too much. I'm trying to find the whole Chronicles of Narnia in Russian...We have only found Prince Caspian...Praying for you guys.

Kari said...

It must have been hard visiting and seeing the longing in their eyes for what your kids now have. Praying for your appointment tomorrow.

Dave and Heather said...

Good luck in court! You know we're prayin' for you! When you see all of the 2009 UOO kids, give them big hugs from Dave, Caroline and me. Please tell them we will be coming for a visit soon! Hope you get some much-needed and well-deserved rest!

Heidi and Felix said...


We are in the Kiev region, just a dozed or so miles southwest of Kiev.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has an extra $28,000, we'll go get the older girl-can never have enough joyful, appreciative, quiet 16 year old Ukrainian teen-age girls running around!!! Did I say quiet? I seriously, would, too. Everything's mostly OK with Nadia. She's riding bikes, watching tons of stupid "I-Carly", doing Anya's homework for her (that came to a quick end) and playing Monopoly. Aimee and I realized that right now, with two of our girls at their dad's this week, that all the kids here are Ukrainian, we're actually the minority. Later...


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