Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 6 - Prepping for Court

Downtown Kherson

Sorry that I had to blog and run last time. I had no idea that the Internet cafe closed at 8 pm. I was being asked to leave during that last paragraph. We went down the the cafe because the Bible House's wireless and my computer were fighting each other. It's all fixed now, so I will be able to post pictures and write after each day's events. I went back and posted the pictures to yesterday's blog.

We had a good visit with Rimma yesterday. After Big Nick's joke, she was a bit nervous, but all is well now. Rimma is a shy girl and she loves us and wants to be in our family, she just doesn't say much even though she is good with her English skills. We had to finalize her name for court so we pressed her to pick among her top five choices for a middle name (she, and we, want to keep her first name Rimma). Also, note that i have spelled Rimma before with one or two M's. I was informed by my teen-age daughter that it must be with two M's, hence Rimma. Mom and Rimma went round and round over the middle name, Heidi having her favorite and Rimma hers. Rimma stuck to her guns and after an hour Mom gave in to her, I was grinning the whole while. We can announce that she will be RIMMA RICHELE ROGE! I tried to explain that I wasn't crazy for alliteration, but it was lost in translation. I just hope she doesn't pick up the title, R cubed!

Little-Worker-Bee Tanya is running around getting documents notarized and sent to the SDA, regional inspector and the court. We visited the notary twice, a quite elaborate "palace" of a place where we got things done in quick order, twice. Very unlike the experience in Boyarka last year! Heidi begged to snap a picture. I'm sure I heard angels singing, I haven't seen churches this nice!

Signing at the Notary
Tanya said that if the inspector gets her work done and signatures down today, we could, best case, have court next Friday, a week from tomorrow. Worst case would be the following Monday. So we may be ahead of plan, but I ain't counting on it. Things continue on pace and are going well. Thanks for the prayers, we can feel them!
Speaking of praying, gotta go. We are off to church tonight with Sergie, Andrei, and Oksana. our three Christian youth friends here in Kherson. I'm excited to spend time with each one of them and I want to be on time. We will blog with you tomorrow. Thank you, thank you for all the comments, keep 'em coming.


The Houghtons said...

What an initial scare at the social workers office. I am glad that it seems to all be heading down the right path now. I know it must be great to be able to be with your daughter after all the separation. We will continue to follow and keep you in our prayers.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Such a beautiful girl!! What a blessed family you will/do have!! Praying court does come as quickly as possible. Blessings to you all.

BTW, I'm sure the angels were singing with big smiles on their faces!!!

The Houghtons said...

I'm so glad things are going along right on schedule! The cold really looks bone-chilling. Stay warmed up physically and spiritually!

Kari said...

We sat at the same desk with the very same notary. Glad to hear everything is going well and ahead of schedule! Can Tanya nab a blank passport for you now???

Rolan and Eileen said...

Ah, your "expedited fees" at work!

The McEacherns said...

Hey, that looks like the notary's office that we went to in Artemovsk! And look at all that snow!!! It's pretty but it makes me really glad we got out of there before winter arrived! Love all the pictures. Rimma looks happy, and you and Heidi just look thrilled. Blessings and prayers for the quickest court date possible!

Anonymous said...

Whew-hew for Rimma Richele! Glad to hear things are going well. I just got to your house a half hour ago or so. All is well. I'm trying to get my email configured on your computer, will try not to demolish your hard drive! Love ya, Sal

Amy said...

Congratulations to all of you!!! Such a great picture of you both with Rimma!!!

Whoo hooo!

MamaPoRuski said...

Wow, too he thought it was funny to joke about changing his mind about adoption...I know you will assure her your minds will never change. Congratulations! And wow, what a difference one year makes in weather huh? We had to buy an umbrella last February when we were in Kherson! Stay warm and safe!

jkartgirl said...

sounds like all is moving along, congrats! your hears are deep and your wings are wide... you two are amazing. safe travels!

Anonymous said...

What a journey! Everytime I come to read your blog there is another turn that I am holding my breath.
What a wonderful picture of the three of you reunited.
Prayers that your court date will some sooner than later and with no complications.
Kelly Selkirk-Ohio

The McGowans said...

I know I am posting way after the fact, but I just found your blog last night...
We also adopted from Kherson (a 4-1/2 year old deaf munchkin, 15 months ago) and were in that office. When I tried to explain to our friends about the pomp of a notary, I said that when you walk in, you are sure the trumpets should be announcing your entrance. Very brave to take a picture--We were totally cowed!
So great to see that you have gotten back to Kherson for more kids. There are so many that haunt my memory.

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