Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 39 - My Busy Day

We are done! DONE, I say...with all adoption work in Kherson! The ONLY things left are waiting on the passport and traveling to Kiev for a medical and visa appointment. So, everything "Ukrianian" is done! It's all up the good ole US Embassy once we get the passport. Let's see, today we...

- Traveled 2 hours to the region,
- Worked for an hour there to change the Birth Certificate (BC)
- Traveled an hour back towards Kherson
- Almost hit a car head-on when right front tire blew upon hitting the world's largest pothole
- Almost rolled in the opposite direction when the driver overcorrected
- Changed said tire on the side of the road
- Had the car fall off the jack when a gust of wind from a big rig blew by
- Watched in horror as the driver narrowly escaped falling car
- Searched the ditch for big rock to place behind rear wheel because the emergency brake didn't work in the 80's model Lada
- Jacked up car again, replaced tire, got back on the road
- Arrived in Kherson, safe but soiled!
- Went and received Tax ID # from goverment office
- Made an copy of BC for passport office (PPO)
- Went to notary to get notarization on a copy of Birth Certificate (BC)
- Went to different goverment office to "officiate" the new BC
- Went to a bank to pay for official stamp on BC
- Went back to office to show receipt and get official BC
- Picked up Rimma from orphanage for PPO photo
- Argued with Rimma about pulling hair back for PPO photo
- Won argument, but dealt with unhappy teen for rest of the day
- Took photo and application to PPO
- Went to bank to pay PPO fee
- Went back to PPO and completed everything
- On the road at 6am, done at 5pm!
- Took my daughter out for desset to celebrate!

Our facilitator thinks we should receive the passport Friday afternoon. If that happens, Rimma and I will leave on the Friday night train to Kiev. That will have us enjoying the sites with Karen this weekend and doing the medical & Visa on Monday. A flight on Tuesday morning could occur.
If the passport doesn't arrive Friday afternoon, it will arrive on Monday. We would miss the weekend with Karen, but spend it with Zina. We would board the Monday night train, attempt the medical and visa appointment on Tuesday, with a flight out on Wednesday.

Help us pray for that passport on Friday...and please pray for Zina. She's already crying.


Debbie said...

Congratulations on getting that all done and surviving. Oh, my! We'll continue to pray for your safety, sanity, and all that other good stuff. Oh, and for Zina. It must be soooo hard for her.

Kristi said...

I was almost rolling on the floor in hysterics reading this post, Felix! Having lived there for 7+ weeks ourselves, I completely understand. (eye roll)

Congrats on your adopting your beautiful daughter and we can't wait to meet her and Lizzie when she comes home too!

Kristi Shanfelt

Kevin and Pam said...

Oh my goodness! I always wondered what would happen if the tire blew while driving with one of those drivers in Ukraine! I was so scared I closed my eyes the whole time!! So glad to hear you are safe. What a day! Congratulations on making it to the homestretch!! :)

Jim said...

not bad - almost as busy as my busy day. (got up, went to work, had lunch, back at work).
Can't you tuck Zina into your overhead bag? I'll be praying for that goodbye - I'm sure it will be tough on everyone.

The McEacherns said...

Yay! Praying for that passport to come quickly!

Kari said...

Glad you made it through all that safely. Praying for Zina. We all miss you here.

Anonymous said...

You had me rolling on the floor with the car story. Soiled? Sounds like you were scared. Laughing until I got to the part about Zina. Now teary. Thanks a lot. We'll be praying her time passes quickly and, perhaps, a miracle thrown in too!

Cathy S

bdnp3827 said...

I should be back in Ukraine by Thursday evening (my birthday). You have now managed to be in Ukraine for both mine and Nadia's birthdays. None left for the next trip!!!

Call me!

Anonymous said...

So glad you survived one of the Ukrainian near misses in the car. We're rejoicing with you on all you've accomplished and that Rimma is now yours. Our hearts ache for Zina - it really stinks that she's a victim of the slow system. We pray for a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Hey knucklehead! I've posted twice on your stupid blog here, only to have it erased. Hang in there. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all you have accomplished! Ahhh those crazy drivers in UA, I closed my eyes and prayed ALOT! What a time you had. I will be praying for your departure.
Kelly Selkirk-OH

Cassc said...

prayers and glory to God for the good moments (and the hard ones)!

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