Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 36 - Up!

I leave my camera with R & Z most every night after visiting the girls at the orphanage. They take better pictures than me and they, along with the other girls in their room, usually let their guard down after I am gone. It makes for some interesting pictures. I have pictures of girls in makeup, girls wrestling, girls playing dress-up and girls...well, just being girls! I keep all those hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of photos to ourselves on my laptop. But, I just had to share these with you. They are hilarious. I'm sure the director and caretakers know nothing of this. My question is, "Will I have to pay for the damages if they finally break one of these particle-board beds??!!


jandt said...

Love the pix. Alex laughed watching them especially when I told him Kherson Ukraina. When I said uh-oh orphanage kravat, he said it's okay. Two of his favorite words. Bloody nose, It's okay. broken toy it's okay. etc.

The McEacherns said...

Three of them jumping at one time on one bed? That is SO an accident waiting to happen!

Mayme said...

Great to see the joy in them!!

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