Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bonding Time

The honeymoon phase has started and all is well at the House of Rogé! Rimma can't quite get that grin off her face and we are the same. She has taken an instant liking to her new brother and sisters, even using that term several times the past few days. There have been no problems to speak of, except that the first three want to stay home from school to be with her. Rimma eagerly runs to them with hugs and greetings when they walk in the door after school. N, J, and K's behavior and tidiness have improved as well, something that I'm thankful for!

Thursday was a stay at home rest day for Heidi, Rimma and me. On Friday we ran a few errands, such as a taking the birth certificate and immunization record to the school. Rimma got to see her new class and teacher. Natasha and Pasha were there and both are speaking excellent English, having been home now only three months. So Rimma was impressed and comfortable that she will improve her already good English.

Rimma took quick note that girls her age in America don't wear the knee-high boots that they wear in Ukraine. We needed to buy a few more clothing items for her anyway, so we added two pairs of shoes to the list. She opted for a nice pair of converse shoes like all her Ukie friends at the airport were wearing, and ones that she saw other girls at school wearing. She also got a pair of dressier slipper-type shoes (I don't know what they are called, I'm a guy). I think we may have seen the end of the "Goo-chie" boots for awhile. She let Julia wear them last night to Red Robin and they show signs of splitting open really soon. Yeah!

I've caught moments of Rimma walking hand-in-hand with Nadia and Julia. Right now I can hear them giggling in one of their rooms and having fun. Rimma really likes Kole too. Having a little brother is a novelty for her and she can't get enough of him it seems. They play together like they have been together for years. I think they have such a rapport because they are the two level-headed kids in the family. Nadia and Julia fight a lot and this confuses and bewilders Rimma, she often looks at me or Heidi to see what we will do when those two misbehave. Two nights ago, she herself called them out when they started fussing at each other over nothing. This has Nadia and Julia "towing" the line and self-governing their behavior, a nice change I might add.
Reading my friend, Karen Springs' blog, I recall the same dinnertime conversation that Rimma had with us the night before our departure. She said, "you know, I've seen a lot of kids go to America because they think they'll have a better life, more money, and more opportunities. And I know that I'll have those things...but honestly the only reason I ever wanted to go to America was so that I would have a family to love me and to support me....I've never had that. I've never had that kind of love."

I'm so happy that Rimma "gets it". That's what it is all about! Zina, too, is wise beyond her years, often saying the same things with an in depth maturity that you don't expect from children this age. She and Rimma just want a family, one for all time to give them the love and support they so richly deserve. Zina's only break with reality was when she texted me while I was on the train last Saturday night, leaving Kherson.

"Daddy go (come) back, Daddy please." I will, I promise Sweetheart, I will!

~ Felix ~


The McEacherns said...

So glad it's all going well! This girl so totally wanted a family, and I know the Lord will bless your persistence and diligence in making that happen for her!

Mayme said...

Thanks for the at home update. Glad to hear everyone is settling in with each other.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Things are going so great for you! Michele and I were talking at the airport, and we prayed for a "surprise" for your family. It sounds like you're getting lots of great surprises!

Adoption Adventure said...

So glad to see the pictures at home! Sounds like you are off to a great start. I know how you feel as happy you are you still have a huge piece of your heart left in Ukraine, and things won't be complete until you have your other daughter home. Thrilled for you that part of your journey is over. Rhonda

Christine said...

Awesome to read! Made me smile!

jandt said...

Hey with the position of the helmut in that picture it looks like she sprouted angel wings.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please give us an update.

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