Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer Hosting

A few folks have aske me if the Ukraine Orphan Outreach (UOO) summer camp kids can be housed in their homes. Unfortunately, no. UOO keeps the kids all together in a camp-style setting in two homes that are board member homes. You may, of course, participate in all the day's activities during our annual three week camp. Details to follow as we cement our camp schedule.

That being said, there is another organization that I am familiar with and that I help on occasion. Frontier Horizon has been bringing kids from Ukraine for years and can help if you desire to host a child in your home for the entire summer, a short summer stay or over Christmas holiday. If you are interested in hosting children through FH, visit the link in this post, e-mail me at or comment on this post for more information. As a "Rocky Mountain area helper", I can help get them to your home from DEN airport if you are in the state. Neighboring states would need to travel (any means, air, car, Am-track train) to Denver. East coast & east-Midwest residents can contact FH directly.

For an introspective on adoption, read the comment from Alycia...thank you Alycia!

By the way, Oksana & Vladik had a family step forward to host them this summer, thank you all who responded. There are more children without homes listed at FH's website. Take a look.

~ Felix ~


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

VERY sweet. I second FH hosting :)

Alycia said...

I did not meed Vladik, but I can attest that Oksana is a wonderful girl. We got to know her a bit when we spent about 3 weeks in Izmail in December and January of this year adopting our 12-year old son, Sasha (now Kevin). Oksana was one of several girls we got to know there--she has a shy, sweet smile, seems to get on well with the other children (and, I think, is especially close to the girls in her group). She is also quite a talented knitter. The internot in Izmail seems to be a very well-run facility, with good caregivers and a director who is kind but runs a tight ship. The children are all well-mannered and the school and living quarters are clean and generally well-maintained. We, too, highly recommend FH Hostin--we hosted our son last summer and will be hosting one of his friends from the internot (who is not available for adoption) this summer. If anyone has any questions about Izmayil, please feel free to email me at

Adoption Adventure said...

We have hosted 4 children through FH and adopted two of them and are hosting another girl this summer whom we hope to adopt. The whole experience is wonderful. There should be a warning though once you do it you will be willing to walk through fire to either adopt them or find families for them. Truly a wonderful experience. Can be addicting we are working o child number five :)Rhonda

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I second Ronda's comment about walking through fire. Never did I think at 27 I would be seeking to adopt an 8 year old. But we fell in love, and I have called, pressured, yelled at etc. anyone who would listen who could help us get our dossier done faster, to ensure she does not spend one extra day without a Mama and Papa if she doesnt have to

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