Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's all in His hands!

Kole, Dad, Rimma, Jordan, Julia, Nadia, Mom

I, Felix, struggle from time to time with the fact that I have to let go and trust in God and follow His plan. When I do, He provides us with everything we need, not everything we want, but everything we need.

Therefore, awhile back, I quit "worrying" about Rimma's and Z's eventual adoption and just knew He would make it happen, if it was His plan. Hence the name of this blog. The naysayers, and there were a lot of them, said both registrations and adoptions would never happen. "Just go and find some other children!" Well, we did, and we were gifted with N, J, & K. But, we never quit praying for R & Z! Rimma and Z got registered via pressure from us and God's intervention, Rimma is home now, Z will be here for the summer for 10 weeks.

The recent return of an adopted boy to Russia has everyone up in arms and my family and friends constantly asking me if Ukraine will shut down adoptions too. Some folks confuse Ukraine as being part of Russia and remind me that Russia has stopped all adoptions. Others "in-the-know" ask if Ukraine will follow suit, especially with their "Russia-leaning" new president.

I just smile and say, "No, Russia and Ukraine are two different countries and God is in control...he hears my prayers...she WILL come home to her forever family in early 2011."
"How do you know for sure?" they ask. "How do you know Ukraine won't shut down adoptions this year?" Because He ANSWERED our prayers again this week! Our friend Becky (in Ukraine) reports...

Ukrainian Supreme Parliament (Rada) DID NOT SUPPORT introduction of moratorium on all international adoptions. ONLY 191 MPs supported the moratorium out of 404 MPs in the Rada session (450 MPs total in Ukraine) . CONGRATULATIONS - ADOPTIONS CONTINUE!


Alycia said...

Wonderful news! We had not heard about this vote. But we also are constantly asked about the impact of the return of the Russian boy on Ukrainian adoptions and on our plans to host this summer (and some have even asked whether we could be forced to return our son!!). I've been amazed by the number of Americans who seem unaware that Ukraine and Russia are two very distinct countries (and cultures).

Anonymous said...

Nice photograph! Who's your photographer???

Cathy S.

Heidi and Felix said...

Why, that would be the most-excellent Cathy Smith behind the camera! I miss her already!

Alycia, I too am amazed. But, I'd rather have the questions and concern of geographically challenged family and friends than the silence and apathy, which I'm sure you agree. Thank you for following! Are you hosting from FH? When does your kido/kids arrive? Congrats!


Alycia said...

Yes, agreed that questions are much more welcome than silence and apathy. We brought our 12-year old son, Kevin (fka/Sasha, home) from Izmail at the end of January. We'd hosted him last summer through Frontier Horizons. This summer we are hosting (again through Frontier Horizons) his best friend from the Internot, Roma, from June 19 through August 28. We got to know (and love!) Roma during the 3 weeks or so we spent in Izmayil waiting to finalize Kevin's adoption. We are all counting down the days til Roma's arrival, and having fun making plans for the summer. I know the same level of anticipation is being felt at your house!!! What an exciting story you have! Just another testament to the power of Faith.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for being a consistent reminder that faith overweighs negativity - go Roges!!!! We get similar questions from surprising sources and, at the same time, we get unwavering support from others. The smiles on your faces should help others see the promise. Great picture!

The McEacherns said...

Good news! And what a great family photo. I was thinking about you all this morning and praying for Z's upcoming trip. Blessings!

Kelly said...

It always amazes me the comments and questions we have recieved over the years. Even my mother and father in law?! tell people my children are from Russia. really now I wasnt aware of that. humm. I was certain I was in UKRAINE twice! grr. smile.
we also hosted thru FH, but unless we are needed last minute we will be taking this summer off. How wonderful your family will all be together this summer! I can't even imagine the excitement in your home right now.
Kelly Selkirk

Heidi and Felix said...

Thanks everyone!

Alycia, I see another adoption in your future :)

Stephanie, yes, we are grinning from ear to ear these days!

McE's, thanks for those prayers! We can feel their affects!

Kelly, my dad who is 70, forgets the last conversation we had everytime and he tells me "so what are you gonna do now that Russia stopped adoptions". "Well Dad, Russia did really stop adoptions, and my kids are from Ukraine anyways" Dad: "Great! SO how are my Russian beauties?"

After 10 such conversations, I just let it go. :)


Adoption Adventure said...

Our kids from Ukraine referred to themselves as Russians when we first adopted them.We had to tell them all the time they were not Russians. I think even some people in Ukraine have trouble seeing Ukraine as a separate idenity after so long under Russian rule.
Only a short time and we will be reunited with our UKRAINIAN girls. God is so good!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Wonderful!! You are such a shinning light to us all!! Blessings!

Alycia said...

When people ask us, "You're not going to adopt this boy, TOO, are you??" we just grin and say, "It's in God's hands!" So we'll see! When we left Ukraine we said 2 things to ourselves: (1) How we wish we could adopt all of the kiddos in Sasha's orphanage--there isn't one we wouldn't love as our own child and (2) but we are NEVER going through this again!!!! But after being home a couple of weeks we started forgetting the frustrations.....we will await God's directions!!

Sheila and Jeff said...

We keep getting the same questions from people. As a teacher, I get quite disgruntled that Americans don't know the difference!! Thanks for the information on the relieves a small nagging "What if".

We are praying for your family and that Z has a safe journey home to you this summer!

Mayme said...

Great Photo of the Family!! Everyone looks happy to be together!!

Rolan and Eileen said...

Praying for safe travels and a ready heart for the Lizzie!

adoptchildren said...

We are adopting an 18 year old and her 15 year old brother. She has property, I have been told you might be able to give us some assistance on how to proceed.
Our court date is next week Tuesday the 15th. We have been in Ukraine since May 17th and really dont want to spend the 4th of July there.
Please help.

adoptchildren said...

I did not leave a way to contact us.

laurietw said...

Hi, Felix. Not sure if you remember me, but we spoke on the phone last fall regarding finding a social worker for an ind. adoption. We are set to submit our dossier July 15. I just came across your name on the Ukraine Orphan Outreach Facebook site. I see you are a Louisiana native, too? My husband and I are as well. Have a nice day. God bless, Laurie Williamson

Heidi and Felix said...


I sent you an e-mail, call us if needed.

Laurie, good to hear from you, would love to talk 720-254-4189

Heidi and Felix said...

Also, can anyone out there help us with Adoptchildren's request?


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