Friday, August 27, 2010

A Day with Lizzie

Lizzie flies back to Ukraine tomorrow. After she leaves, I will post a few blogs about our time together. I intentionally didn't write much these past 10 weeks while she was here. We wanted to spend as much time with her and enjoy the moments. It was a great experience for her and for us. Her English skills soared and now we will have more to talk about when we call her. She was in her family and got to preview things to come. Father and daughter bonds were cemented and she is more of a Daddy's girl than ever before. She has a new name for me...Tet-chka. Cute, and I melt every time she uses it. I'm gonna miss that, and her!

We are going to spend the whole day with her, Heidi and I took off from work to do so. We are doing fine with the departure. The only hint of tears came two nights ago when I asked Lizzie if she ever had a Daddy before or did she remember her father. She held me tightly and started crying. She said "No, you are the only daddy I have ever had." I felt bad after having asked the question. It reaffirmed the need that girls need moms and dads.

Last night Rimma came and sat with me on the sofa, putting her arms around me. She said, "Thank goodness I am home and I never have to return". Lizzie and Rimma get it!

~ Felix ~


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Wow, summer went by so fast, yet made a lifetime of memories for your family and sweet Lizzie. I cant wait until she is home for good! Praying for her safe return and strength to get through the next few months

Kevin and Pam said...

Praying for you guys that your separtion will only be for a short time!

The Houghtons said...

Lizzie is a sweet girl! Praying that everthing will run like clockwork until you can bring her home for good! Enjoy your day together.

The McEacherns said...

Praying for you all and especially for Lizzie as she heads back to "Camp Ukraine" until you can go get her for good! May that day come ever so quickly!

Adoption Adventure said...

We know exactly how you feel! Mark took the day off today to spend the day with Karina I had to work because I am saving all my days in case we get to adopt her. She fell apart tonight crying and said "I don't want to go back now"
She laid in my arms and sobbed. Oh my why does it have to be so difficult. We will be thinking of and praying for you all and Lizzie tomorrow too.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

What a touching memory!!! Praying for you all during the "Camp Ukraine" experience. Hugs!!

Alycia said...

I have been thinking of you all these past few days as we were getting ready for the departures of Roma, whom we hosted for 10 weeks, and Ruslan, whom we hosted for 2. The house felt terribly sad and empty without them yesterday and all 3 of us as well as the dogs were very quiet. Am hoping and praying that Lizzie's return will be quick and very smooth. Roma, too, did not want to go and is asking to be adopted, although his situation is fairly complicated. We are praying for God's guidance in this matter.


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