Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rimma's first American Birthday!

So, is she 1 or 14? Years from now she may want to use that smaller number! I can see her 40th birthday scene now, "I'm not 40 everyone, I'm 26!" And she may be right!

Rimma 11, at the Internot, Feb 2008

It's hard to believe sometimes that she was this spunky little 11 year old that stole our hearts back in 2007. We had to watch her grow up in pictures on the other side of the earth for two years. Looking back, it was money well spent to go see Rimma and Lizzie once a year, usually around their birthdays, just to see how they were doing and to continue the family bond. Rimma speaks highly of those visits.

14 today, at home in Colorado

I am haunted by the faces of those kids that would look on and attend our birthday celebrations with them, saying "Could you find me a family of my own, too?" Consider adoption, please!

~ Felix ~


Kevin and Pam said...

Those first birthdays are just the best! Happy Birthday Rima. Enjoy your day with your family.

The McEacherns said...

Happy "first" birthday, Rimma!

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