Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crowded Mantle

We put out the Christmas decorations today. Here's what our mantle looks like. I think we went a bit crazy at the SDA appointments over the last two years! I'd bring them all home if I could!
~ Santa Felix ~


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It looks perfectly perfect :)

The McEacherns said...

Watch out or you're going to have to get a second fireplace! Love that you signed it "Santa Felix!"

Heidi and Felix said...

Actually...we do have a second fireplace and mantle. I'd have to get the basement finished to put more kids here, though :-)


dodo said...

How about installing some containers?
You could stack them (I mean the containers, not the kids).

Linda said...

That mantle is not crowded, it is called "HAPPINESS!" I am still here. love to all, xoxoxox

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