Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Friend of a friend's friend

News coming out of Ukraine today is that the second reading of the new adoption law that would have stopped international adoption from Ukraine was being scheduled, but then their legal department rejected it! So it has failed this time!

While not officially confirmed, this news comes from one of our friend's facilitators whose husband was at Ukraine parliament yesterday. The RADA website confirms this news, showing that there was a text comparison on the second reading. This would certainly be great news for us and Lizzie as well as all those waiting orphans in Ukraine whose futures were certainly hanging in the balance.

During Sunday's service our Pastor and future adoptive parent, Clay Peck, said something that still rings in my head. He said, "Worry is the opposite of faith!" Certainly, that has been the case with me as of late. I felt guilty for it and I believe God was speaking to me through Clay. I pondered on it all day Sunday and prayed about it several times that day. Later that evening a sweet inner peace came over me as I let happen what should have happened all along. I quit worrying about the vote and if we would get Lizzie home. I gave it all over to God and I slept soundly the next two nights. I have been really relaxed at home and at work, too. A noticeable change. Heidi even commented that I seemed different and happier than I have been in recent weeks.

Today, the awesome power of God was presented to me. I prayed all day Sunday and I awaited His quiet, casual reply. The answer came to us in an e-mail from a reliable, confidential source. Thank you for caring about me, Lord. Thank you for caring about all of us and Lizzie most of all!

~ Felix ~


Brian Macy said...

Interesting, I pray this is true. I'll I've been able to find is a notice that their legal department rejected it with seemingly significant issues and the text/comparison for the second reading showed up. Please let us know if you find out more.

Marti Times said...

The official schedule for RADA doesn't have them in session for this week so I am wondering if it was a real vote or something else? I suppose the schedule could be wrong. You may be referring to the committee vote which took place on the 17th (but didn't hit the RADA website until yesterday)? The committe rejected a number of amendments and forwarded it on to the next vote the way I read it. The legal department did reject it on the 22nd and I have been trying to find out from a law school friend in Ukraine if the decision is binding or not. If so, we are all in the clear regardless! My wife and I leave on Sunday!

Heidi and Felix said...

I'm sorry if I got my facts crossed, it was very late night when I started getting info. It does seem that only the legal department rejected it. But sources do confirm that this action will kill it. I updated the post to reflect the legal department rejection and not a parliament vote.


Brian Macy said...

I'll take good news any way it comes. I did notice the 11/22 legal rejection wasn't at all reflected in second reading draft. Who'd figure it would be the lawyers saving the day :)

Our SDA app't is Dec 9th.

Heidi and Felix said...

Congrats Marti & Brian on your SDA dates! My wife and I pinged our facilitator and the SDA said we won't know our date until mid-December.


Karen said...

Thanks for this post....I was praying specifically about this on a walk God is so good!

dodo said...

I guess they are distracted by the demonstrations against the new tax code which will rob thousands from their jobs. Last week there were approx. 3,5 million protesters in different cities. Tomorrow there will be rallyes again all over the country and an expected 2 million people will take to the streets.
In general things are heating up like the orange revolution days.

Marti Times said...

@Brian, I think the reason the 2nd reading draft didn't reflect the legal findings is that the committee meeting to review the draft for the second reading took place on the 17th. I am speculating that the bill went through committee on the 17th and was then placed on the schedule for the week of Dec. 14-17th. Dec. 17th is the day the news broke of the pending 2nd reading taking place. It looks to me that the RADA website just didn't get updated with the committee notes until the day after the legal review had already been posted?
I sure wish we could get confirmation that these legal findings are binding and not something the lawmakers can ignore!

Anonymous said...

unfortunatelly, it has not failed. Legal department said that it should be rejected on Nov. 17th, but still on Nov. 23th the draft for the second reading was published. And this draft is the same as it was for the first reading.

Stephanee&Zach said...

I am looking forward to future confirmation of this as well but the person who gave us the info is pretty well connected with Parliament and is excellent at understanding and interpreting the laws in Ukraine. She also has typically been correct in the past so I feel better about it than I have in awhile. Hopefully we will get even more confirmation soon! Congrats to all of you traveling soon!

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