Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My "American" Family by Laura T.

I came to America as an exchange student to learn about the American culture. I wanted to look behind the prejudices Germans have. I wanted to tell everybody that there are more than French Fries and Burgers and whole days in front of the computer and TV.

One day before my flight I got my host family. Family Roge. But I didn`t expect six brothers and sisters, four adopted from Ukraine. Now I have American and Russian culture. I see how American people live, how Ukrainian kids live and how Americans and Ukrainian live together. It is more than I could ever think and dream about.

Like that, my exchange year and my whole experience is becoming something really special and I enjoy it! I enjoy the family movie nights, every evening sitting together to have dinner- as a family, go up in the mountains, have picnics. And with every day, they becoming more my family, it’s becoming a home, strangers become loved ones!

I live every day, enjoy it, be happy and thankful- because I have the chance to live with a great family like this! It couldn’t be better!

Laura (age 15)
Exchange student from Munich, Germany


Heidi and Felix said...

Laura is a German exchange student that is spending a year with us. I have left off her last name and picture on the blog for privacy reasons and program policies. But, you can see her in Heidi's birthday picture posted last month.

Heidi and I have hosted exchange students in the past, so we were approached one week before school started by a member of our church that is the program administrator of our region. She had a German girl coming to Colorado the next day, who already had her flight, but her original family had backed out. She asked if we could house Laura for 2-6 weeks while she found her another family. We though hard about it and I was the reluctant one this time (usually, I'm the free-spirit and say yes to everything). Heidi told our friend that we would gladly help out, but that we could only keep her for the 2-6 weeks. After all, we still need to travel to Ukraine for Lizzie's adoption.

Fast forward the six weeks and of course, our kids and yes, Heidi and I, LOVE her. no one wants to see her go. We actually told her that she could stay about three weeks ago. We shared this with our friend and we made it official...Laura is staying for the school year.

We will still need to work out how we will be gone for the adoption, even with our kids. We will do exactly what we did last year we suppose. Heidi will stay until court, then fly home. That way, only one of us will be gone for 2-3 weeks. I will stay behind and finish up the adoption the remaining weeks. Family and friends will come stay at our home and we may ship a few of the kids off to their houses. It will all work out.

The only real problem will be if we come home with more kids than just Lizzie! We don't have any more room at home! Heidi has been lamenting over two girls she keeps praying for...uhh-ohh, lookout!


Sheila and Jeff said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You are certainly getting a great experience!!
I hope you have a wonderful school year!

Rolan and Eileen said...

We would gladly help in any way we can. We do have a temporary bedroom downstairs with a futon and a portable bed. You guys are crazy in the best way possible. We love you.

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