Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 25, Getting 'er done!

I'm at a resteraunt next to Karen Spring's apartment eating the finest Greek salad I've seen and tasted to date! They have free Wi-Fi too, so I'll fill you in before the Spaghetti Bolonese arrives!

- Arrived exactly on time in Kiev by train
- Had the best train experience of my life, some shake, no Bake, got 8 hrs sleep!
- Immediately wisked away to the Consulate by the amazing Nadia P!
- Got there at 9:45 am, called inside to see if I could go in early.
- Did go in early, done in 30 minutes!
- Went to medical got a doc who waived a bunch of junk required of older teen girls!
- However, Lizzie did require a blood draw, X-ray and a Hep B shot
- Done in an hour!
- Embassy visa appointment scheduled for 2pm, tomorrow.

I see that Heidi has posted and checked our tickets. Really, nothing stands in our way of getting on that plane Saturday morning. Oops, for got I ordered borscht, too. It just arrived!

Bye until tomorrow!

~ Felix ~


The McEacherns said...


Paul and Diana said...

Sounds great, it's all working out! I'll look for you at the airport on Saturday - my flight leaves at 6:45 AM. Paul

Matt said...

Nice job. Finally things are going more right than wrong-well deserved.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Woohoo! That meal must taste real good after all the victories God's given you:) It's been hard to keep up with your blog because your process has moved so fast! We didn't even go to court with either of our adoptions until we'd been in Ukraine a month.

Wish we lived in your state so we could meet you at the airport;)

Have a safe trip home!


MamaPoRuski said...

Slava Bogu! Say hi to Karen for us! Godspeed home!

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