Saturday, December 29, 2007

An orphan with a cell phone??

Gene e-mailed us today and said that Zina wants call her...on her cell phone!! Uhh, WHAT!!?? I'm excited to be able to call her and speak with her but, how does an orphan obtain a cell phone? Excuse me if that is a little "un-pc" but, I'm shocked. A million questions are running through our minds. Who bought her a cell phone? Are there other interested persons (which is a good thing for her)? Did one of the caretakers from the host program get it for her? Did one of the Virginia folks buy it? Does the phone belong to another child there. Is it OK, right, allowable, or ethical to talk to a child without the knowledge or OK of the director? Is talking on someone else's "dime" a right thing to do?

We will pray about this one and get back to ya!

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