Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taking a chance

OK, so after repeated prayers we decide to see what's up. We ask another friend and translator Ellie (Lilya is out of town) to call for us. Several attempts offer no connection as something is wrong with our phone card or country code. Did I mention we bought a Ukrainian phone card. Lilya showed us a website where you can get cheap phone cards ($10 for 120 minutes).

Today we tried on our own after Ellie's attempts. Heidi searched on the Internet for country and city codes. After ten different combinations of codes plus the number she gave us - we finally get get through. On the other end is the voice of a young girl, not Zina's. We try in vain to communicate. We hear a few girls whispering. It is 8 am Monday morning for them and perhaps they were attempting to be quiet and not disturb others. Heidi says her name a few times and towards the end of the conversation a voice repeats "Heidi", perfectly pronounced. (When the caretakers and children were here they initially mispronounced Heidi's name. Only after practice could they say it perfectly pronounced.) We believe that either Rimma or Zina was speaking. Quickly the line goes dead and we decide to not call back until we can get a translator. Besides, perhaps there was a reason they hung up fast.

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