Thursday, January 31, 2008

Katya and Inna

Zina and Katya

Great news from Williamsburg!! A family is in the process of adopting one of the Ukrainian children that visited Colorado in December. They are also trying to help her older sister that will turn 18 in June.
Katya and Inna weighed heavy on my heart for months before they came to the US. I thought about them, prayed about them, talked to friends about them and thought about them some more. On one hand I felt drawn to protect them, and on the other hand I struggled with the older sister being 17 years old. But we got word before the children arrived in Colorado that a family in Williamsburg was very interested in adopting these two girls. I was relieved and thankful that the girls would be safe! The ironic part is that this family was also touched by Zina as I was touched by their girls.
Lisa - can you email me? I'd like to share photos and stories.

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