Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Angel

Today was the long awaited day - we talked to Zina again! Thanks again to Lilya, our friend and translator, for making this possible.
Zina is an amazing child. She was bubbly and excited - and speaking so quickly that Lilya had some difficulty understanding what she was saying! As usual, this child who has absolutely nothing, wants nothing. Her response today to our question, "Do you need anything?" was "No, I am fine, but I could ask Rimma if she needs anything." Zina is always thinking of others first.
Zina bravely spoke a few sentences in English today. She said that her English teacher has been spending extra time with her. When I asked her if her teacher would translate a Valentine's Day card for her (if I sent one un-translated), Zina answered that she would be able to read the English herself!
One of our biggest challenges (and Zina's only frustration) has been finding Ukrainian postage stamps for Zina to send letters to us. But luckily Lilya's brother, who still lives in Ukraine, is going to visit the girls in several weeks. He will bring them postage stamps. We have been mailing letters to Zina and Rimma every week, but for a long while they had only received one letter. Zina told us that they recently received four packages from us at one time!!! I wish she could receive them on a regular basis to keep her spirits high, but the good news is that the letters eventually made their way to her.
It was so good to here Zina's voice again.
(We still have the kissing swans she made, the ones in the lower right-hand corner of this picture)

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