Saturday, January 12, 2008

We talk to Zina

We talked to Zina this morning for about 30 minutes. Lilya translated. Instead of "Hello"when she answered, she said "Is this my family?". It was a great way to start the weekend and it was so good to hear her voice again. This is the first time we have heard her since she left. We did have that botched phone call to her with all the whispering, but it doesn't count since we didn't really talk and she couldn't speak with us. All the other times, Ellie or Lilya called for us. We set up a schedule to talk to her every other Saturday morning.

In typical Zina fashion, she started asking if her parents were OK and well. She said she has been worrying about us, especially Heidi, since her surgery. I could see her gestures while she was talking, the ones she made while with us. Here is what was on her mind.

  • The rest of the children got back from the California trip and she was happy for them that most found families. She feels a connection with them because she now has a family that loves and cares for her.
  • I asked her if she needed anything and she said no, please save our money because she "knows the documents and effort to get her will cost lots and that is enough to give her".
  • She is worried about Rimma and is concerned that she is throwing away a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a family and a future.
  • She loves us and misses us. She only has one of the five letters we have sent her.
  • She was annoyed with the inability to send us her letters. Not at us but the fact that no one at the orphanage will help her get postage or mail letters for her. We assured her that we will get postage to her when Lilya's brother and sister come to see her in February.
  • She loves us, dearly!

As you can see, Zina is a compassionate and sweet girl that thinks of other before herself. That was how she behaved while here and part of her wonderful personality that makes her a perfect fit for our family. We are convinced that God sent her to us and wants us to do everything possible to take care of her. We hope to adopt her once she gets registered and that may take 2 years or so, or never, if the courts never relinquish her. But make no mistake, we have been charged with her care and we will do so, now and forever.

Zina, we love you. Our extended family and friends love you, and, everyone who reads this blog loves you too! Thank you for your returned love and kind heart.


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Debbie said...

I'm excited that you were able to talk to Zina and clear up some things. But the best is that she is part of your family, even if it takes quite a while to bring her home. I am excited for you all!

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