Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's there!

Our dossier was delivered and signed for by our facilitator/translator, Valentina! It arrived yesterday, Saturday January 12th. Valentina sent us an e-mail tonight confirming receipt. She said it had one little problem that may or may not be caught by the SDA, but that we shouldn't chance it. It seems our marriage certificate from the Bahamas is the only document that doesn't have "Jr." on it. All docs have Felix Rogé Jr. except this one. We didn't catch it. Good eye, Valentina! We will get to work on it immediately. Valentina seems confident that she can get it in line at the SDA soon. Wow! Things have moved quickly in a week!


Anonymous said...

Yippee! A huge milestone! Congratulations! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the misplaced Jr. doesn't hold things up!

I do have a question, though. With this dossier, the Ukraine has 20 days to accept or reject it right? And when they accept it, you will get your invitation to travel right? But in your last post, you said it could take two years to adopt Zina. So is this dossier for another child, and you'll have to do the process again for Zina?

Sorry to be so dense!

Heidi, hope you feeling better. Know that both of you, actually, ALL of you, continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Lynn Cranston

Felix said...


Yes, this dossier is for other children. We have asked for 1-3 kids ages 4-14. We will choose from the children presented to us at the SDA. The 20 days do not start until our facilitator gets it into the hands of an SDA official. Right now it is in translation. This will be followed by waiting in line at the SDA.

We had to make the difficult decision to adopt now as our dossier was already near completion when we met Zina (See blog archive dated January 2, 2008 titled, "Dossier Update").

Zina will not be available for adoption for a year after we we get her registered (Ukraine international law).

Yes, we will have to repeat the process for her. Hopefully we will be able to get her registered sometime in 2008, with adoption a year later, 2009. In the meantime we have a daughter we will provide for the best we can.

Hope this clarifies...and no your not dense. We still get confused over their rules and details.


Kendall said...

Congratulations! Now you are in waiting mode. I'm still waiting for a submission date, I just heard from Valentina that it won't be before April. But it may be earlier for you since your age range is older than mine. Hopefully things will start moving quicker over there! Good luck.

Staci and Damon said...

Congratulations! Sending the dossier over is such a relief since it is now out of your hands. Hopefully things will begin to speed up with the SDA...

Staci :)

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