Monday, January 14, 2008

Wheels are turning at the SDA

Good news - the SDA started a new procedure in '08. Wheels are finally turning again in Kiev following the October quota shutdown and holidays. The SDA is scheduling submission dates for all of the dossiers that are "in line." I've never really understood "the line." Facilitiators jockey for position in some imaginary line at the SDA. But now the word is that the SDA provided specific dates in February and March when certain dossiers will be allowed to be submitted. That sounds better than an imaginary line, doesn't it? It provides a tiny bit of certainty in this huge process that is filled with uncertainty.

We are still waiting to hear back from our facilitator regarding the best way to provide official certification that the Felix I married is really the same person on the passport copy we provided. I have a sinking feeling I need to start investigating the apostille process for Illinois. My sister was a witness to our wedding...

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aimee said...

Instead of investigating anything, just send me the marriage certificate and I will slap a "Jr." right on there. I have experience in changing documents--I used to change the grades on my report cards all the time. Love you, Aimee

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