Monday, February 25, 2008

Девочка ест, мальчик пьет!

I bought, (or should I say I invested), in Rosetta Stone's language software for Russian this past Friday. WOW! What a language! And what a price tag! We want to learn so that we may better communicate with the Ukrainian people when we go there. I can foresee two adoption trips and two visits a year to see R & Z until we get them home. Even though Zina & Rimma and our other adopted children will have to learn English, I want them to retain their valuable Russian language shills. Wouldn't it be cool to have two nights a week at home that only Russian is spoken!

Rosetta Stone jumps you into full immersion, no translation at all. RS says this is the way you learned your native language as a child. I have to say, I agree with their system. I got started and I dreamed the words in my sleep last night. There I was trying to say something to Zina & Rimma, and they were giggling at my pronunciation!

The only news on the adoption front is that our friend Fran is traveling with Nancy (of the Williamsburg hosting group) to Ukraine tomorrow. Fran is going there to get Mariana. You can read more about her journey at . Fran and Nancy know Rimma and Zina and they were praying that the girl's would find a forever family; enter us! Well, Fran is going to make a special trip down to Kherson with Nancy to see all of the kids that the Williamsburg group and UOO hosted. They will visit R & Z for us and find out about their registration. We have been unable to call the internat director due to translator issues. Pray that R & Z have had their registration started or completed. You may remember that the director told us that he resubmitted all of the children's registration paperwork when they returned to the internat. He asked us not to call him until mid-February for the status. We have honored his wishes, but we are prepared to hire a Ukrainian lawyer if nothing has happened.

By the way, if you're wondering what the Russian title to this post is lesson one of RS. The photo should help you. It says, "Girl eating, boy drinking"!


Debbie said...

We've been checking out Russian books and software and CDs from the library. We have Rosetta Stone level 2 (because that's what was available)...and I'm eager to jump in yet afraid of that level--LOL!

Rick and Fran's blog hasn't been updated...she's traveling to get Marina? I hope they update their blog; I want to be praying for them! Exciting!

Heidi & Felix said...


See our e-mail to you on this subject.


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