Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friends on the move!

We talked with Karen Springs of CBN this morning. She is departing in the morning for orphanage visits in the Kherson region. We told her that we will pray for her and to have a safe trip. She will see our girls and give them the jeans we sent a few weeks ago. She will give them hugs and kisses from their parents and take some photos for us. We didn't want to muddy the waters with our dealings for the girls and the work we are partnering with between CBN & UOO, so this is all that will come of Karen's participation. God bless you, Karen. Thank you!

On the other hand, Fran & Nancy of Heart For Orphans, are leaving today from the US. Fran is going to get Mariana. Then, both Nancy and Fran are going to Kherson on HFO business. While they are there, Fran will ask the director about R & Z's registration. They will also see the girls for us. Can you imagine the impact that these visits will have for R & Z? For 10+ years they have had no contact with anyone outside the internat, and now in one week two sets of people on our behalf...for them! Can you see that we are serious, Mr. Director??!! Please register ALL of your children, so that they may have the opportunity for forever families.

No news on our dossier or how it is going. Thank you for your continued prayers. It really works!

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Leslie said...

What have you heard about them reopening adoptions? Any word on your dossier?

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