Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Sisters!

Oksana and her husband, Marlen did it! They drove four hours each way to visit the girls for us! They took the girls a texting capable, camera equipped, slider phone that Zina wanted. The girls were very excited to see them and to know that once again, their parents are going the distance and are consistently caring and concerned for their welfare. Oksana said the girls were so sweet. The girls and their caregiver invited them to come again as well. She said that she will do it, "with pleasure".

Oksana said that the director would not give any information to her and she agreed that she, as a stranger, probably shouldn't be privy to such information. She said that the director thinks that we should come there first and he spoke of what amounts to an invitation. This is a good sign as we want to visit this summer and discuss the girls situation with him. Oksana said that he is a good director and that the girls are in a very good orphanage. Zina said that he is a caring person and he cares about "his" kids. It is great to know that the girls like and respect their director and not dreading every waking hour.
So, that's the latest update. We are planning a visit to Ukraine to see R & Z in June. Keep praying for us and keep the UOO Garage Sale in your mind. We appreciate you donations of gently used, second-hand items! April 26th is right around the corner!

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Debbie said...

They are adorable. It's great for them to know that you love them! I didn't realize you were wanting to visit them in Ukraine; now I can be praying for you as you prepare to go. How exciting!

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